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Peripheral Device Information

"Peripheral Device Information" provides the information on peripheral devices to be connected to our products.

Before use

  • The information that appears does not guarantee the performance of our products.
  • Contact each manufacturer or your dealer for details of peripheral devices.
How to obtain peripheral device information
  • Select a division. We have the following three divisions: "Machine Vision & Medical Imaging Div.", "Security & Surveillance Camera System Div." and "Medical & Plasma RF Components Div." If the division is not known or all the products are browsed, leave "Select a division" as it is.
  • Enter the product name in the "product name" field. If the product name is not known, enter a part of the product name. If nothing is entered, all the products will become the target of browsing.
  • Select the number of cases.
  • Select the "Browse" button, and the information that satisfies the "Category" and "Our product name" conditions appears.

Category :

Product name :

Number of cases :

Peripheral device information list

Category Product name Peripheral device name Check Revised on Manuf­acturer/ dealer(*) Others

* If there is a link, separate windows appear.


1:Can be connected.
2:Can be connected with certain limitations.
3:Connections to be evaluated.

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