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Message From The President

Yukihiro, Hayashi President and CEO

TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION Committed to contributing to a prosperous 21st century centered on Imaging System Solutions

The 21st century is an age of images and networks. Through the Internet, vivid images are transmitted instantly to the people who need them. We are in the midst of an age when industry, society and our lives are undergoing big changes due to rapidly advancing technological innovations, which have only just begun.

Toshiba Teli draws on its deep-rooted technological expertise to provide valued customers with "Imaging System Solutions" that fulfill our primary mission of assuring to provide added value and contributing to society.

We place the highest priority on an agile responsiveness that allows us to understand and fully meet our customers' desires and needs. We are driven by the sense of fulfillment that comes from customer satisfaction throughout our products' lifecycle - including product maintenance and support - as we work closely with our customers on advances in technology that help to create a new and better world.

We build on established technology with state-of-the-art innovations that support our constant efforts to maintain the very highest quality levels in our products.

In all we do, we are aware of the future, not least that we must deliver the Earth and a flourishing global environment to generations yet to come. We endeavor seeking to play a responsible role solving environmental problems and securing this crucial heritage.

Toshiba Teli considers sensing, networking and intelligence as the three basic technological axes. By focusing on these areas, the company advances its technology and product development, delivering the most suitable products and services to our customers in all over the world in the fields of industrial and medical cameras, surveillance cameras.

I sincerely hope that our imaging technology and the products we offer will support you in securing long-term growth and prosperity.

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