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Former Toshiba Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
Former Toshiba Electronic Industry Co.,Ltd. Chronology
1940 Formed as Kobe Factory of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. began manufacturing marine radio equipment.
1950 In corporate restructuring due to antitrust laws, began life as Tokyo Electric Radio Co.,Ltd., a Toshiba group company.
1959 Name changed to Toshiba Electronic Industry Co.,Ltd.
1964 Head office moved to Yokohama.
Former Tokyo Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Former Tokyo Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd. Chronology
1948 Began as Tokyo Electronic Heating Research founded. Began manufacturing of communications equipment and radio-frequency heating equipment.
1958 Received capital investment from Toshiba Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc., and began manufacturing of television cameras, imaging equipment, audio equipment, and communications equipment. Name changed to Tokyo Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Chronology
1967 Companies merged and were renamed to Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. Head office moved to Hino-shi, Tokyo. Initial capital is 1.3 million yen (72.8% Toshiba, 20% Tokyo Broadcasting System).
1985 Capital increased to 260 million yen.
1994 Achieved ISO9001 certification (for imaging equipment).
1997 Achieved ISO9001 certification (for information equipment and radio-frequency generator).
2000 Achieved ISO14001 certification.
Former Toshiba Communication Systems Corporation
Former Toshiba Communications Systems Corporation. Chronology
1953 Manufactured first domestically-produced ITV at Komukai Factory of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
1968 Moved to the Hino Factory of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. Electrical Telecommunications Division.
2002 Merged with Toshiba Telecommunications Field Engineering Corp., and Toshiba Telecommunication System Engineering Corp., acquiring part of the telecommunications systems design and manufacturing organizations from the Toshiba Hino Factory, started as Toshiba Communication Systems Corporation.
Toshiba Communication Systems Corporation took over Toshiba Corporation's communication system business as result of acquisition.
Toshiba Teli Corporation
Toshiba Teli Corporation Chronology
Name changed to Toshiba Teli Corporation
2009 Achieved OHSAS18001 certification.
2016 Transferred power supply business to Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation.
Advocated New Corporate visions "Creation" as a Company Specialized in Image.

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