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November 6, 2002

teli developments high resolution B/W Camera featuring IEEE1394 I/F and CMOS sensor (Total pixel: 4,190,000)

CSB4000F External-view
CSB4000F External-view

Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Teli) of which the president is Hiroshi Takaoka developed CSB4000F, CMOS B/W Camera (Total pixel: 4,190,000).
This camera is developed to meet the function required specifically for image processing in a high order originally and have a feature making a clear distinction to previous CCD camera.
This camera employs the following features as main function.

  • Global Shutter

    The exposure is performed on all pixels simultaneously.
  • WOI (Window Of Interest)

    Only arbitrary areas can be read out.
  • Multi Slope function

    Wide-dynamic range is achieved.

IEEE1394 is employed as an interface to connect to image processing unit and PC.
As this camera is integrated type having a small and lightweight body (54 x 43 x 94.5 mm, approx. 220g), it is suitable for the mount to industrial equipments and image processing machines.

Tips and background of development

1. Interface

There are 2 methods of system, digital and analog as interface for image processing camera now.
Digital system includes: Camera Link, EIA-644, USB, RS422 and IEEE1394, which is employed to CSB4000F.
IEEE1394 is employed to various equipments other than PC and peripheral equipments.
It provides IIDC1394based Digital Camera Specification as a protocol for industrial camera.
IEEE1394 include the following features:

  • As IEEE1394 is not a single interface between a camera and an image processing device, it is available on the networks of multiple IEEE1394 equipments.
  • IEEE1394 can be achieved save the cost because it doesn't need the exclusive frame gabber board and so on. Etc

2. CMOS images sensor

So far CCD image sensor has been used widely as a device for image input. On the other hand, trend for image processing cameras tend to be required high-pixelization, more speedup and more multifunctionalization. We have responded these needs with technologies of CCD camera such like multiple shutter function, partial scan function and full frame readout.
However, due to the structure, CCD image sensor becomes difficult to respond to the needs of further speedup.
So we developed originally CMOS image sensor to meet the function, which is required for image processing, and equipped this camera and CSB4000CL, which has been on sale from this October, with it.
The principal feature of this CMOS sensor is an electronic shutter mode, which permits this camera exposing simultaneously on all pixel at the same timing equal to CCD. The mode adapted to previous CMOS image sensor is called as Rolling shutter or Focal Plane shutter. As the exposure timing of those modes is different at each line, the camera cannot capture the moving subjects without blurring if you don't use a mechanical shutter. The CMOS image sensor developed in this time can expose all pixel images at the same timing like CCD. As this function gets rid of the weak point of previous CMOS image sensor, it makes the camera with CMOS image sensor achieve using for image processing.
CMOS can also readout the specific part in exposure area thanks to the structure. WOI (Widow Of Interest) makes full use of this function. As unnecessary area is not needed to readout, the speedup of readout can be achieved. In reference to the various use for image processing. WOI can be designated the area up to 16.

Main application

  • For image processing (for manufacturing machine, detection machine, etc.)
  • ITS application for readout of the car number.
  • Readout of bar cords and two-dimensional cord.
  • For micro scope


  • Adoption of CMOS sensor (Total pixel: 4,190,000)

    In this camera, as a square-grid-array and CMOS image sensor(2048 x 2048)are integrated to achieve high resolution.
  • WOI (Widow Of Interest)

    Speedup of image processing can be achieved by readout the arbitrary more than one area designated by user.
  • Multi Slope function

    High-dynamic range can be achieved by compression the light and dark on CMOS sensor's own. You can set the original value other than preset value and use them with external selection.
  • Global shutter

    The exposure of all pixels at the same timing and easy capturing the stationary images are available.
  • IEEE1394 I/F

    This camera adopts IEEE1394 Interface to connect to image processing devices and PC. It conforms to IIDC 1394based Digital Camera Specification ver1.3, which is a protocol for industrial camera.
  • C-mount

    This camera employs C-mount as a general standard for industrial camera. TFL2520 is also available as a recommendation lens taking full advantage of high resolution (4,190,000 pixels) to the four corners of the display.
  • Small and lightweight body suitable for mounting to the unit.

    This model is integrated type having small and lightweight body (54 x 43 x 94.5mm, approx. 220g).

Schedule of sales start

February 2003

Prospective sales

5,000 units in first year


CSB4000F Specification Table
Image device Diagonal 17.4mm (1.1 type) CMOS image sensor
Total pixel 4,190,000 pixels
Interface IEEE1394 Std. 1394a-2000(Transmission:400Mbps)
Protocol Conforms to IIDC 1394based Digital Camera
Specification ver.1.3
Video Format Format 7 / Special format(in WOI)
Lens mount C-mount
Power source From DC8V through 30V(Supply from IEEE1394 connector)
External dimension 54(W)×43(H)×94.5(D)mm
Weight Approx 220g
Host adapter card
FA system engineering Co.,Ltd
Iris Vision
Recommended lens TFL2520 (manufactured by Teli)


Overseas Sales Dept. TEL: +81-42-589-8771 FAX: +81-42-589-8774

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