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November 29, 2002

teli starts marketing B/W Camera with ultra compact camera head for machine vision use.

CS8541D External-view
CS8541D External-view

In December 2002, Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Teli) of which the president is Hiroshi Takaoka starts marketing CS8541D, double-speed scan full frame camera.
This camera is a remote head type with ultra compact camera head for machine vision use. This model will be generally used to vision-sensor parts of dicing machines, bonding machines as semi-conductor production equipments and so on.
In the needs of double speed scan full frame camera, this new model achieves an ultra compact camera head (20 x 20 x 25mm, approx.19g) to support to mount with bonding machines and dicing machines. Because those machines have put a premium on the head's external dimension and a mounting space to the depth dimension.

CS8541D employs a 1/3 type CCD having 330,000 pixels. Its square grid pattern array is suitable to image processing.
This model achieves high-speed video output at 60fps, which is equivalent to twice as fast as in EIA system.

Tips and background of development

1. Remote head type of the camera head

The shapes of cameras for machine vision use are divided into two types of integrated type and remote head type. A camera of remote head type mounts the capturing part to the other body, and connects it to control part with exclusive cable. For this reason, there is a merit to miniaturize a capturing part (camera head).
When the camera is mounted to a moving part such like a robotic arm, or in case there is any limitation to mounting space, more compact and lightweight products are needed. Moreover, users have to consider the fixing direction of camera cable. In case there is any limitation to depth dimension when viewed from image pick-up plane, it can be resolved by fixing the cable in a lateral direction. This new model, having ultra compact and lightweight body of rectangular type, supports to such like this case by achievement of the multi direction fixing of the cable in up, down, left, right and back.

2. High-frame rate

Conventionally, many general-purpose cameras for machine vision use employ a standard TV format such like EIA system or CCIR system due to the cost. However, for example in EIA system, an interval to output is needed 33.3ms at 30fps per image screen. Not to be able to cut the interval becomes difficulty to cut cycle time of the image processing, and by extension to the equipment as a whole. The performance speed, which is twice as fast as conventional models, achieves the high-speed image output at 60fps. Therefore, CS8541D is adaptable to the needs for speedup of image processing

Main application

  • For image processing (for manufacturing machine and detection machine, such like bonding machine and dicing machine)
  • Readout of bar cords and two-dimensional cord


  • Ultra compact and lightweight body

    This model achieves ultra compact and lightweight body (20 x 20 x 25mm, approx. 19g) being suitable for mounting to the unit. As its direct fixing camera cable is selectable the fixing direct in five dimension (up, down, left, right and back), it is adaptable to the needs limited to the mounting space.
  • This model employs CCD with all pixels' data readout function and square grid pattern array.

    Even under shutter operation, all pixels' data are read out. And a clear image in high resolution can be obtained without a deterioration of the vertical resolution. As CCD's pixels are arranged in square grid pattern, CS8541D can operate easy computation and an image processing without aspect ratio correction.
  • Random trigger shutter function

    CS8541D can capture images at any given timing cued by external signal and can obtain a stationary image easily.
  • Multiple shutter function

    CS8541D accumulates its shutter images, and output at any given timing. It is effective to input the continuous images of moving subject and input multiple camera images to an image processing device.

Schedule of sales start

December 2002

Prospective sales

10,000 units in first year


CS8541D Specification Table
Image device Interline CCD
Scanning area 4.88(H)×3.66(V)mm (1/3 type)
Active pixels 659(H)×494(V)
Scanning lines 525 lines
Sync system Internal/External automatically switch-over
Scanning system Non-interlace/2:1 interlace
Scanning frequency 2:1 interlace: 31.468kHz (H)
119.88Hz (V)
Non-interlace: 59.94Hz
Subject illumination Standard: 400lx F5.6
Minimum: 4lx F1.4 (GAIN MAX)
Video output VS:1.0V(p-p) / 75-ohm
Horizontal resolution 485TV lines
S/N 52dB(Initial factory setting)
Lens mount Special mount (M10.5 P0.5 Female)
Camera cable length 1m (Standard)
Power supply DC12V±10%
Power consumption Approx. 3W
External dimension Camera head: 20 (W) x 20 (H) x 25 (D) mm
CCU: 110 (W) x 28 (H) x 80 (D) mm
Weight Approx Camera head: approx. 19g
CCU: approx. 190g


Overseas Sales Dept. TEL: +81-42-589-8771 FAX: +81-42-589-8774

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