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March 24, 2003

Teli developments high resolution B/W Camera
for machine vision use achieving the high-speed image output

CSB1000 External-view
CSB1000 External-view

In June 2003, Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. (hereafter called Teli) of which the president is Hiroshi Takaoka starts marketing our new product for machine vision use, CMOS camera CSB1000, B/W Camera (Total pixel: 1,310,000).
This camera achieves the high-speed output of high-resolution image having 1,310,000 pixels at 443fps.

This model is the forth iteration of the camera following to CSB4000CL, CSB4000F and CSB1100CL. CSB4000CL and CSB4000F are employing CMOS image sensor (Total pixel: 4,190,000) and have been started marketing since 2002 based on our strategy for CMOS Camera specialized to the image processing use. CSB1100CL is also employing CMOS image sensor (Total pixel: 1,310,000) and is released recently the announcement as the new product.

CSB1000 pursues the high resolution and high-speed grabbing of images in the image processing and is compatible between the high resolution of 1,310,000 pixels and the high-speed output in real time at 443fps.
Since this model mounts the flexible frame rate function using fully the area readout function (WOI) as an advanced one, the higher-speed readout at 1,722fps is available in VGA readout. Therefore, CSB1000 responds to the needs for ultra-high-speed image processing.
This camera also employs the following features necessary to uses for machine vision and image processing.

  • Global Shutter: The exposure is performed on all pixels simultaneously.
  • WOI (Window Of Interest): Only arbitrary more than one area can be read out.
  • Dual Slope function: Wide-dynamic range is achieved.

Tips and background of development

The environment necessary to high-speed processing in image processing has been putting into place year after year. The speedup of the peripheral Buss and CPU as a processing part contributes for this improvement. With this background, the products generally called as a high-speed camera employ the output system, which has a memory in the body or the control part of the camera and outputs the images captured at high-speed after the saving in memory. This system is suitable for uses to an analysis and an observation of the phenomenon with high-speed. However, it is not suitable for uses to real time operating necessary to grabbing image with ultra-high-speed image processing. This new product is developed as an ultra high-speed model against conventional camera for machine vision use. In other words, the camera outputs the non-compression image data suitable for image processing in real time with ultra high-speed, and doesn't have the image recording part in itself.
CSB1000 outputs the image with ultra high-speed at 443fps by 3.6-times faster than the conventional models even in the high resolution readout (1280 x 1024 pixels).
Moreover, it achieves the ultra-high-speed output at1722fps by 14-times faster than the conventional models in VGA mode (640 x 480 pixels) used WOI (Window Of Interest) function as a partial readout function.
There are 2 lines of the interface of full configuration camera link superior to high-speed data transmission. And CSB1000 also minimizes the bottleneck in the data transmission.

Main application

  • For image processing (for manufacturing machine, detection machine, etc.)
  • Video analysis in real time


  • Ultra high-speed image output

    CSB1000 employs CMOS image sensor, which enables the camera to output the images with high-speed at 443fps, while having the function of high resolution (Total pixel: 1,310,000 pixels).
  • WOI (Widow Of Interest)

    Speedup of image processing can be achieved by readout of the arbitrary only one area designated by user. As unnecessary area is not needed to readout, it can be done.
  • Dual Slope function

    Wide-dynamic range can be achieved by compression the light and dark on CMOS sensor's own. Users can set the original value and use them with external selection.
  • Global shutter

    The exposure of all pixels at the same timing and easy capturing the stationary images are available.
  • Camera Link Interface

    CSB1000 outputs the non-compression image data in real time with 2 lines of full configuration of camera link interface as an interface between the image processing device and the PC. This camera adopts Camera Link Interface for connection of Frame grabber board.
  • C-mount

    This camera employs C-mount as a general standard for industrial camera. TFL2520 is also available as a recommendation lens taking full advantage of high resolution (1,310,000 pixels) to the four corners of the display.

Schedule of sales start

June 2003

Prospective sales

500 units in first year


CSB1000 Specification Table
Image device Diagonal 23mm CMOS image sensor
Total pixel 1280(H) x 1024(V) 1,310,000 pixels
Interface Camera Link (LVDS, 8bit, Pixel clock: 40MHz)
Full configuration x 2
Frame rate In readout of 1280 x 1024 pixels: Approx. 443fps
In readout of 640 x 480 pixels: Approx. 1722fps
Aspect ratio 5:4
Lens mount C-mount
Power source DC12V
External dimension Camera head: 65(W) x 68(H) x 65(D) mm
CCU: 287(W) x 45(H) x 172(D) mm
Weight Camera head: Approx. 320g
CCU: Approx. 2,100g
Exclusive Frame Grabber board X64-CLP manufactured by CORECO Imaging
(standard attachment)
Recommended lens TFL2520(manufactured by Teli)


Overseas Sales Dept. TEL: +81-42-589-8771 FAX: +81-42-589-8774

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