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November 13, 2003

Teli starts marketing the camera scope for pipe inspection
with ultra compact Phi-13㎜Camera Head

In November 2003, Tokyo Electronic Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Teli) of which the president is Hiroshi Takaoka starts marketing "Camera Scope AS113", for pipe inspection use with ultra compact Phi-13mm camera head.

This is developed for the inspection of the inside condition of a twisted structures and a feed water pipe having small-diameter. This camera can pass through easily even though inside of a Phi-20mm still pipe with unique method, which is added twists to a Phi-13mm ultra compact camera head and to the flexible shaft cable.

The pipe inspection cameras manufactured by Teli have been used in wide range of inspection uses for public water supply and sewer pipe, gas pipe, duct and structures and so on. Thanks to the low price, ¥950,000 (JPY), this camera will grow in demand.


  • Compact Camera Head ( Phi-13mm)

    The outer diameter of its ultra-compact camera-head with built-in CCD and luminance is Phi-17mm only. The camera head employs a watertight structure being capable of being used in various uses.
  • 410,000 pixels CCD

    AS113 achieves the high-resolution thanks to the CCD ( Total pixel: 410,000 ).
  • Passing Performance

    AS113 can pass through a Phi-20mm still pipe with 90-degree angle, which previously had been considered an impossibility except ultra-compact scope having an oscillation function.
  • Portable Handy Type Structure

    This model integrates the cable drum and 5.6 type LCD monitor into one body. This light-weight body surpasses in portability. Moreover, it is usable without power sources thanks to a battery pack (OPTION).
  • CCU with Cable Drum

    The camera cable of AS113 is 3.5m ( Active length: 3m ). CCU is housed into an ABS resins trunk. This is the first in mounting methods for cables.
    Since AS113 achieves the auto rolling function of the cable using a spring motor, it can mount the camera head very smoothly.
  • Watertight Structure

    The camera head parts are made in watertight structure ( IP67, Depth: 1m ). This can be used under the water without problem.
  • Image Rotating Function

    Rotating function of 180 degrees resolves the image reverse upside down in inspection.


Camera scope AS113: standard price ¥950,000-


AS113 Specification Table
TV system NTSC
Image pixel 410,000 pixels CCD
LCD monitor 5.6type TFT-LCD
Illumination White LED
Camera cable length 3.5m (active length: 3m)
Power source DC12V
Power consumption Approx 1.3A
Watertight structure Waterproof and watertight structure (IP67, Depth: 1m, camera head only)
External dimension Camera head: Phi-13mm
Weight Approx. 3.5kg


AS113 Configuration Table
Camera unit
(with 3.5m cable)
CCU  1
Accessory  1
5.6 type LCD monitor (6BLC50AN)1


Overseas Sales Dept. TEL: +81-42-589-8771 FAX: +81-42-589-8774

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