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TOP > Products > Industrial Camera > Analog Cameras > CS8560BD/CS8570D

Industrial Camera

Providing a wide range of sensors, camera formats and control methods as well as individual interfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Analog Cameras

Double-speed full frame camera(Integrated type)




This CCD camera is a double-speed full frame camera with ultra compact and lightweight body . which adopted all pixel read-out type interline CCD dealing with a VGA format.
Improvement in the speed was realized by doubling the drive frequency of the conventional CCD camera.
As this camera integrated type and have a ultra compact and lightweight body ,that the most suitable for the mount to industrial machine.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact and lightweight body
  • Double-speed image output
  • All pixels readout
  • High vertical resolution
  • Square grid array
  • External synchronization
  • Random trigger shutter function
  • Restart/Reset
  • Multiple Shutter
  • Partial scan mode


CS8560BD/CS8570D Specification Table
Model CS8560BD CS8570D
Image sensor 1/3 type interline CCD 1/2 type interline CCD
TV System Special format (Non-conforming to EIA)
Scanning area 525 lines
Scan method 1/60s non-interlace mode
1/120s 2:1 interlace mode(Switching via rear-panel DIP SW)
Sync. method Internal / External synchronization(auto switch-over)
Aspect ratio 4:3
Video output VS:1.0V (p-p) / 75
DC coupled, 1 line (AC as [Option]
Resolution Horizontal : 485TV
Vertical: 485TV (350TV)
S/N Standard : 52dB(p-p)/rms (Initial factory setting)
Sensitivity Standard : 400lx, (F5.6)
Minimum : 4lxF1.4 (Gain:MAX , Approx50 video output)
Gain FIX (Fixed) gain : Factory-shipped preset level
MANU (Manual) gain : Setting through GAIN VR
FIX / MANU switch via rear-panel DIP SW
Gamma correction 1.0 (Fixed)
White clip level Approx.840mV (p-p) (Excluding SYNC)
Power source DC12V+/-10% (Ripple voltage: 50mV (p-p) or less
Power consumption Approx.1.5W
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 29(W)x29(H)x26.5(D) mm (excluding projection)
Weight Approx. 50g



Operation Manual

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