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Industrial Camera

Providing a wide range of sensors, camera formats and control methods as well as individual interfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Camera Link Cameras (BC series)

Camera Link B/W Camera

BC series

Camera Link Cameras BC series
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*CSC series Camera Link Cameras are here.

*BU series USB3.0 Cameras are here.

*DU series USB3.0 Cameras are here.

*BG series Gig-E Cameras are here.


This BC series is an integrated-(one-body)-type camera that adopts all pixel data readout CMOS.
For video output, camera control and power, the Camera Link interface standard is adopted for high transfer rate, and it is easy to integrate into industrial equipment.
This product is a 3 year warranty correspondence.

Key Features

  • High frame rate

    The CMOS sensor outputs the entire 3M or 5M pixels in higher frame rate.

  • Camera Link® interface (Power over type)

    By using a cameralink capable frame grabber board to which power can be supplied, high speed transfer of captured images to PC as well as various types of camera control from the PC are allowed. Power can also supplied to the camera with only one cable.

  • Camera Link® and PoCL®
    This product is supported Camera Link® and power over Camera Link.

    It is easy to operate and control.
    Camera Link logoPoCL logo

    *Camera Link® and PoCL® is AIA(Automated Imaging Association) standard.

  • GenICam™ Ver2.3 conformity

    This product is based on GenICam (Generic Interface for Cameras) Ver.2.3.

    *GenICam™ is trade mark of EMVA(European Machine Vision association).

  • Scalable

    Selectable video output area. This mode achieves higher frame rate by reducing vertical output area. And reduces occupied data rate of USB bus by reducing horizontal output area.


  • Global shutter
    As it employs a global electronic shutter similar to a CCD image sensor, clear images of even fast-moving object are obtainable with less blur.
  • Square grid arrangement
    Square grid arrangement of pixels, facilities computation for image processing.
  • Random Trigger Shutter
    The Random Trigger Shutter function provides images in any timing by input of an external trigger signal. Trigger control from PC is available as well.


B/W Cameras

B/W Cameras lineup
MODEL Power supply Lens mount Image sensor Effective pixels Remarks
C-mount 1/1.8 type 3.1M CMOS
with dust-proof glass
C-mount 2/3 type 5M CMOS
with dust-proof glass

Detail specifications

B/W Cameras

BU030C/BU030CF/BU130C/BU130CF Specification Table
Model BC302LMG BC505LMG
Imager CMOS image sensor
Pixels 2048(H) x 1536(V) 2448(H) x 2048(V)
Scanning area 7.07mm (H) x 5.30mm (V)
(1/1.8 type)
8.45mm (H) x 7.06mm (V)
(2/3 type)
Pixels size 3.45μm x 3.45μm (Square)
Video output Camera Link Base Configuration 1 / 2 / 3 tap
protocol Camera Link Ver 1.2
Scan method Progressive
Electronic shutter Global shutter
Video format Mono 8 / 10 / 12 bit
Max frame rate
(readout all pixel)
56 fps (Mono 8 / 3 tap / 83MHz)
52 fps (Mono 8 / 2 tap / 83MHz)
36 fps (Mono 8 / 3 tap / 83MHz)
32.6 fps (Mono 8 / 2 tap / 83MHz)
Aspect ratio 4 : 3 6 : 5
Sensitivity Standard:700 lx, F5.6, 1/52 s
Minimum:6 lx, F1.4 (Gain : +24dB, 50% video level)
Standard:400 lx, F5.6, 1/32.6 s
Minimum:3 lx, F1.4 (Gain : +24dB, 50% video level)
Gain 0~+24dB
Gamma γ=1.0~0.45
Trigger input Low:0 ~ 0.5V, High : 2.0 ~ 24.0V
Posi/nega both polarity, pulse width:min. 50μs
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 29mm(W) x 29mm(H) x 39.5mm(D)
(Not including protrusion)
Mass Approx. 44g
Conformity CE, FCC, PoHS, WEEE, GenICam, IIDC2

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