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Industrial Camera

Providing a wide range of sensors, camera formats and control methods as well as individual interfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Camera Link Cameras (CSC series)

Quadruple speed (125fps) Color Camera


Camera Link cameras CSCV125CC3 CAMERALink logo


CSCV125CC3 is a ultra compact camera equipped with VGA CCD sensor.

Key Features

  • Ultra compact & Light weight
    This camera is ultra compact as 29mm cube.(Excluding projection part.)
  • Quadruple speed readout
    Quadruple speed readout is available by this camera.
  • Color processing
    Since color processing is built in, there are also RGB, Bayer output modes besides Raw output mode.
  • All pixles readout
    All pixels readout is possible and it finish in approximately 1/120 second.
  • PoCL interface
    It is possible to control by PC, by using PoCL interface flame grabber broad.


CSCV125CC3 Specification Table
Model CSCV125CC3
Image sensor Interline CCD sensor
Active pixel 659(H) x 494(V)
Active area 4.88mm(H) x 3.66mm(V) 1/3 type
Pixel size 7.4μm x 7.4μm
Scan method Progressive
Aspect ratio 4:3
Video output Camera Link version 1.2
RGB 24bit or RAW10 / 8 bit switching
Frame rate 125fps (All pixels readout mode)
Sensitivity 850 lx (F5.6)
Gain control from -6 to +18 dB
Gamma 1.0
Electronic shutter 8/1 to 1/20,000 sec
White Balance MANUAL or OPWB (*OPWB is only works at RGB 24bit)
Power consumption Approx 1.8W (in DC12V)
Lens mount C mount
External dimension 29(W) x 29(H) x 26.5(D) mm (Excluding projection)
Weight Approx. 40g
Various Specs CE, FCC


Operation Manual

PDF…Opens in separate window.

For product details, contact the sales manager or use the inquiry form.

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