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Industrial Camera

Providing a wide range of sensors, camera formats and control methods as well as individual interfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Technical Information

Technical information of our camera are follows;

(Update: May 11th 2016)

Thermal design guide line (BU series, BG series)

Structure design with consideration of below guide line is recommended for appropriate use of USB3 Vision camera BU series and GigE Vision camera BG series.

In case aluminum mounting chassis in guide line is used, necessary heat dissipation area (chassis size) can be simulated with below calculating tool.

< Simulation conditions >
  • Implementation lens: Φ29mm/L26mm and over
  • Heat sink material: Aluminum (black alumite)
  • Heat sink mounting conditions: to bottom surface of camera
  • Camera posture: Lens face down

However, please mind top surface temperature of cabinet not to exceed the limit in below case.

  1. In case of mounting camera in different way from above conditions
  2. In case of difficulty to calculate heat dissipation area
  3. In case of using camera in scalable mode (CCD model only)

  • Calculating necessary heat dissipation area from ambient temperature of camera
    Series name:    Product model name:

    Ambient temperature: ℃ (Please input by degree in ℃)

    “Error” will be shown if calculated minimum heat dissipation area is over 400cm2. In that case, please input with lower ambient temperature.

    The smallest heat dissipation area: cm2 (Material: Aluminum (Black alumite) equivalent.)

    The highest limit temperature of cabinet top:

  • Calculating the highest limit of camera ambient temperature from heat dissipation area
    Series name:    Product model name:

    Heat dissipation surface area: cm2 (Please input by 10cm2 unit) (Material: Aluminum (black alumite) equivalent)

    Allowed ambient temperature: ℃ (Allowed ambient temperature is 50℃ as highest limit)

    The highest temperature of cabinet top:

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