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Industrial Camera

Providing a wide range of sensors, camera formats and control methods as wel as individual interfaces to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Smart Photo Sensor

Smart Photo Sensor


A Smart Photo Sensor is ultra-compact and contains high-speed image processing system. A device that can construct an image system by one chip is used in this sensor. It is capable to high-speed process the image because of preprocessing in the device, and it is also capable to determine a result that a former photoelectric sensor was incapable to.
An interface supplies GPIO, USB and RS-232, and it is possible to embed them in various uses. GPIO is used for determining the permission for the result of preprocessing, and USB is used for changing the parameters and the image transfer. RS-232 is prepared for recognition of the object position and PLC transmission.
It is possible to choose a suitable application and embed it according to conditions of use such as the environment, the object and the result of preprocessing. As for application development, Visual Architect (optional) with user-friendly and graphical programming environment is prepared and the customers can arrange it.
The Smart Photo Sensor is the most ideal for a customer who requests a scene that the former photoelectric sensor was incapable to determine or simple preprocess that does not require high-quality image processing system.
The Smart Photo Sensor supports RoHS restricting of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Key Features

Target Market

Target Market

Micro size, Light weight

SPS02 is ultra-compact and includes a high-speed imaging system.
The SPS02 adopts the unique device which can realize the image acquisition, processing, and the result output for one tip.
It is capable to high-speed process the image because of preprocessing in the device, and it is also capable to determine a result that a former photoelectric sensor was incapable to.

[Dimensions] (Not include cable, lens.)

  • Width: 22㎜
  • Height: 50㎜
  • Depth: 12㎜


  • Approx. 18g (Not include cable, lens.)
Dimensions compare

Simple Operation

Simple Operation Icon

SPSViewer is software for SPS02. The SPS02 can be set up with a PC. It is simple and easy to control SPS02. *1 *2

Setting Window

*1: Please read application manual for application setting and SPS operation.
*2: Please read SPS Viewer manual for application change and model register.

As Simple Application

As simple application, it can be achieved to apply many fields depending on your ideas.
SPS02 is possible to be problem-solving that photo electronic sensor cannot detect for difficult applications or location adjustments due to limited performance.
Presence Checker Icon

<Presence Checker (AREA)>

Approx. processing time: Exposure time + 5ms (Operated as stand-alone)
NG Processed image OK Processed image
[Function 1]
Detect present or absent based on area value (the number of pixels) as registered value standard.
Sample Application
  • Detect present or absent such as part, hole and marks.
  • Detect the work (Trigger sensor)

[Function 2]
Output Blob data (RS232C), Change object (RS232C), Reset of SPS02 (RS232C)
Sample Application
  • Measure targeted work
    [Command : Area of blob, Perimeter, Bounding Box Width, Bounding Box Height, Gravity Point]
*Blob(Binary Large Object) : is region of a digital image in which some properties are constant or vary within a prescribed range of values.
Orientation Checker Icon

<Orientation Checker>

Approx. image processing time : Exposure time + 1ms~(Operated as stand-alone)
Orientation Checker result
[Function 1]
Applying area detection application, detect direction detection extracting direction detection.
Sample Application
  • Detect the front or back side of parts.
  • Detect direction of parts.

[Function 2]
Output Blob data (RS232C), Change object (RS232C), Reset of SPS02 (RS232C)
*More information, please read application specification manual.


SPS02 Specification Table
Model SPS02
Image Sensor Type 1/2 CMOS sensor
Number of Effective Pixels 144 x 176
Cell Size 33.6 x 33.6μm
Sensing Area 4.8 x 5.9mm
Exposure Time 1μ to 20ms
Output 2Line
NPN Open Collector
Power Supply Voltage 30V or less
Residual Voltage 1V or less
Load Current 100mA or less
Input 2Line
ON Voltage 0.5V or less
ON Current 30μA(when short-circuit)
OFF Current 50μA or less
USB USB2.0 High speed
USB-Micro Type-B Receptacle
Protection Circuit for GPIO Output: Over Current Protection
Input: Over Voltage Protection
LED signal light STA0: Red STA1: Green PWR: Orange
Power Supply Power and I/O cable for the power supply
DC12 to 24V±10%(ripple current 10% or less)
USB cable DC5V±5%(ripple current 10% or less)
Power Consumption 2.4W
Dimensions 22(W) x 50(H) x 12(D)mm (not including protrusion)
Weight Approx. 56g (included 1m cable)
Lens Mount

M17 P=0.75

*S-mount adapter(M12 P0.5) is standard option



Operation Manual

3D CAD model

3D CAD model
Conditions of CAD data use
  1. CAD data helps efficient designing with various CAD systems.
    Reproduction or use for other purpose than above of CAD data in this site are not allowed.
  2. Some of the CAD data details are simplified.
  3. CAD data is not supposed to be any guaranty of our product specification.
    And, values from downloaded CAD data are not guaranteed to much the values from actual product.
  4. CAD data are subject to change without notice.
  5. Copyright of any of information in CAD data belongs to our company. Replication, modification, disclosure, reprint and transfer to the third party of all or any part of CAD data without prior permission by our company is not allowed.
  6. Our company assumes no responsibility in any damage including lost profit or compensation for damage from the third party etc. which are caused by use, modification or deletion of CAD data.
  7. Regarding the drawing created with CAD data, creator of the drawing should take responsibility of drawings inspection.
3D CAD model list
Model name Data (STEP file)

Preinstall Application Manual

SPSViewerBasic Quick Start Guide

Application Development Kit Quick-Start Guide


Lens Selection

Extension Tube Selection


Applications Development Software "Visual Architect"

VA Key Features

The Visual Architect is a graphical programming environment conceived for graphically creating, compiling, executing and debugging Vision Applications for the SPS02.
The VA allows the user to create vision applications just by adding blocks to a diagram, so little coding is needed.

The "workbench" is the development environment desktop of the Visual Architect where you edit, compile and execute your graphical applications.
Figure 1 shows an example of the workbench. The "workbench" is the development environment desktop of the Visual Architect where you edit, compile and execute your graphical applications. Figure 1 shows an example of the workbench.

Figure 1 - Visual Architect

Developing SPS02 Applications Step by Step

The development of an SPS02 application using the SPS02 and the Visual Architect comprehends the following steps:
  1. Create a Project
  2. Create the application diagram
  3. Compile the Project
  4. Execute and/or debug the Project, and
  5. Deploy the application to the SPS02

Developing Step

Visual Architect system requirements

  • Operating System : Windows 7 32bits/64bits version
  • Disk space : 2 GB
  • RAM(free) : Minimum 512 MB Recommended 2GB
  • Interface : Two USB ports available
  • Display resolution : Recommended more than UXGA (1600x1200)

System constitution of the development

System constitution


It is necessary to install software by yourself before using this product.

  • SPS Viewer Basic installer
  • SPS02 application software

Introduction Examples

To detect without a seal material inside of a gasket as a simple solution.

Detect area value of inside of cap reflected light. Gasket
Picture image Processed image
With a seal material Picture image of with a seal Processed image of with a seal Area (Number of pixels)
Without a seal material Picture image of without a seal Processed image of without a seal Area (Number of pixels)

Processing time : Approx. 6ms(Operated as stand-alone)

To measure area data in side of limited space in a machine.

Achieve to quantitate granules installing SPS02 into limited space.
Raw image Processed image
Raw image Processed image Area (Number of pixels)

Processing time : Approx. 5ms(Operated as stand-alone)

To tact up shape detection procedure of products.

Image processing time shortens by auto trigger and setting of specific area.
Raw image Processed image
OK OK Raw image OK Processed image Area (Number of pixels)
NG NG Raw image NG Processed image Area (Number of pixels)

Processing time : Approx. 1.5ms(Operated as stand-alone)

To detect a work which in not aligned and different height.

Stable detection of dispersion work on the food conveyer.
Food conveyer line Can be detected setting area value(Number of pixels)and measuring region.

Processing time : Approx. 3ms(Operated as stand-alone)

<Interested Region> Process when a work come in the region.
<Auto trigger> a function that processes only works comes in the interested area.

*Note: Stability detection is needed with appropriate optical condition.

*Smart Photo Sensor is powered by a licensed technology of AnaFocus – 

For product details, contact the sales manager or use the inquiry form.

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