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Industrial Camera

December 20, 2013

ITE2013 in Yokohama


TOSHIBA TELI exhibit ITE2013 from Dec.4 to 6 in PACIFICO YOKOHAMA.

In our booth, ’It’s a Newstandard’ as a keyword, we exhibited new USB3.0 camera, gigabit Ethernet camera, HD camera with DVI output, 6.5M camera with cameralink output, 12M camera with CoaXPress output, Smart Photo Sensor and other solutions with image processing. Thank you very much for coming our booth.

Introduce exhibit items

Introducing exhibit items in ITE2013

USB3.0 camera (BU series)


We exhibited VGA(1/3type) BU030C, SXGA(1/3type)BU130C as a color camera, and 4M CMOS B/W camera BM406M as a new product. Our lineup are various as from VGA to 4M. (Product description)
USB3.0 B/W and color camera equipped with IMX174 made by SONY and 4M COMS color camera were exhibited as proto models.

Gigabit Ethernet camera (BG series)

Gigabit Ethernet camera

We exhibited VGA(1/3type) color camera BG030C,SXGA(1/3type) color camera BG130C and 2M B/W camera BG202 as a new products. Our lineup are various as from VGA to 2M. (Product description)
2M CCD color camera was exhibited as a proto model.

12M CoaXPress color camera (CSX12M25CMP19)

12M CoaXPress color camera

This camera is ultra high resolution high speed camera equipped TOSHIBA TELI’S proprietary 12M CMOS progressive sensor. Using CoaXPress interface, it realize 6.25Gbps high speed digital communication and it is possible to control trigger and camera parameter.
We demonstrated with CoaXPress board made by Matrox imaging. (Product description)

6.5M Camera Link interface camera (CSC6M85BMP11)

6.5M Cameralink output camera

This camera is ultra high resolution and high speed camera equipped TOSHIBA TELI’S proprietary 6.5M CMOS progressive sensor. All pixels are high output as 85fps. Using WOI (Window of Interest) function it is possible to read out desirable area by specifying Vertical and Horizontal position. (Product description)
We demonstrated recorder made by Technoscope corporation and color camera as a proto model.

Smart Photo Sensor (SPS02)

Smart Photo Sensor

Smart Photo Sensor is a sensor with ultra small image processor. It makes small and high speed for various use. It is useful for Product equipment and other equipment and detection instead of optical sensor.
We demonstrated orientation detection of object and pakin detection by image processing function of Smart Photo Sensor.(Product description

Orientation detection of object

Packin detection using area detect function


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