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TOP > Products > BU238M/MC sample sales has been started.

Industrial Camera

April 7, 2014

BU238M/BU238MC sample sales has been started

BU series cameraBU series camera
BU238M/BU238MC   USB3.0 camera

USB3.0 cameras BU238M(B/W) and BU238MC(color) sample sales has been started since April, 2014.
BU238M/BU238MC are equipped new CMOS Sensor (IMX174) made by SONY, realized high quality, high resolution(2.3M), and high frame rate (B/W: 163fps, color: 165fps).
Quantities for sale are 20 pcs for BU238M and 10 pcs for BU238MC.

For details, please contact our sales staff.

Main Feature

1. SONY IMX174 has lower noise than CCD, and it has high speed as CMOS sensor.

It has similar spectral response for visible wavelength of CCD.
Noise floor is low, quite less noise which CMOS own (FPN, luminous difference between each pixels).

2. Concerning quality of picture

Even when gain up 18dB, less FPN, or luminous difference between each pixels.
It is very suitable for replacement of CCD and higher frame rate is necessary.


BU238M/BU238MC Cameras lineup
B/W / Color B/W Color
Image sensor CMOS
Pixel 1920(H) x 1200(V)
WUXGA / 2.3M
Device 11.25mm (H) x 7.03mm (V) (1/1.2 type)
Unit cell 5.86μm x 5.86μm
Interface USB3.0
Protocol USB3.0 Vision
Scanning Progressive
Video format MONO 8bit Bayer 8bit
Frame rate Max163fps
(165fps for Mass production)
Aspect ratio 16:10
Power supply DC5V±5%
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 29mm(W) x 29mm(H) x 16mm(D) (Not including protruding parts)

Information including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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