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TOP > Products > Appreciation for visiting VISION 2016

Industrial Camera

November 25, 2016

Appreciation for visiting VISION 2016


Together with our partner MaxxVision, we exhibited our products in "VISION 2016" that was held in Stuttgart Germany for November 8th to 10th 2016.
New products of USB3 vision camera DU/BU series and others were exhibited in our booth. We had so many visitors to the booth. Thank you so much for coming.

Our presentation of "USB3 Vision" in the seminar hall also had so many attendants. Thank you for you attendance and paying attention.

Our exhibited products

Our main products exhibited in "VISION 2016"

Demonstration for solution by USB3.0 camera & image processing libraries

SUSHI on the belt conveyer

Sorting demonstration with SUSHI on the belt conveyer by using image processing libraries.

OpenCV x BU302MCG, Feature Matching

Using 3.1MP color camera BU302MCG with Sony made Pregius CMOS sensor IMX252 and OpenCV, it judged SUSHI material by recognizing characteristics of them.

Note USB3 Vision camera BU302MCG OpenCV x BU302MCG

VisionPro x BU406M, Character Reader

Using 4.2mp B/W camera BU406M with CMOSIS made CMOS sensor CMV4000 and Cognex's VisionPro, it judged SUSHI material by reading characters printed on saucers.

Note USB3 Vision camera BU406M VisionPro x BU406M

Halcon x BU238M, QR-code Reader

Using 2.3MP B/W camera BU238M with Sony made Pregius CMOS sensor IMX174 and MVTec made Halcon, it judged SUSHI material by reading QR code printed on saucer.

Note USB3 Vision camera BU238M Halcon x BU238M

LabVIEW x BU505MCG, Color Pattern Matching

Using 5MP color camera BU505MCG with Sony made Pregius CMOS sensor IMX250 and NI made LabVIEW, it judged SUSHI material by recognizing color pattern of them.

Note USB3 Vision camera BU505MCG LabVIEW x BU505MCG

New products, product coming soon & reference products

USB3 Vision camera / GigE Vision camera

New products

- USB3 Vision Camera DU1207MG/MCG/MCF
  with Sony IMX253(Pregius), BW/color, 12M pixels
- USB3 Vision Camera BU505MG/MCG/MCF
  with Sony IMX250(Pregius), BW/color, 5M pixels
- USB3 Vision Camera BU302MG/MCG/MCF
  with Sony IMX252(Pregius), BW/color, 3M pixels
- GigE Vision Camera BG505LMG/LMCG/LMCF
  with Sony IMX264(Pregius), BW/color, 5M pixels
- GigE Vision Camera BG302LMG/LMCG/LMCF
  with Sony IMX265(Pregius), BW/color, 3M pixels

Board Camera

Coming soon

- USB3 Vision Camera BU602M/MC/MCF
  with Sony IMX178(STARVIS), BW/color, 6M pixels

Reference products

- USB3 Vision board camera
  Offering BU series camera as board level camera with compact & flexible structure.



Our presentation with the title of "USB3Vision & TOSHIBA TELI : New insights. Great benefits" was made in Industrial VISION Days 2016 seminar. Thank you for your attendance.

To download seminar materialPDF (5.12MB)

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