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TOP > Products > Gratitude for coming and report of ITE 2016

Industrial Camera

December 27, 2016

Gratitude for coming and report of "ITE 2016"


We exhibited our products in "International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2016 (ITE 2016)" held in Pacifico Yokohama December for 7th to 9th 2016.

This year, USB3 VISION Cameras of BU/DU series were mainly exhibited as solution and robustness demonstration with theme of "Image solution offered by image professional".
Thank you so much for joining us on our booth.

Introduction of exhibits

We introduce our major exhibits in ITE 2016.

Enhanced product range, USB3 Vision camera (DU1207M/DU806M/BU602M series), high image quality & high resolution camera with the latest Sony CMOS sensor

USB3 Vision camera BU1203MCF

Color camera of DU1207MCF equipped with Sony 12.3M pixels Pregius IMX253 CMOS sensor was exhibited.
Achieving high color reproduction by color compensation function and with global shutter which has no focal plane distortion, DU1207MCF is the most suitable camera for machine vision purpose.

USB3 Vision camera  BU505MCF

B/W camera of BU602M equipped with Sony 6.2M pixels STARVIS IMX178 CMOS sensor was exhibited.
BU602M can be used with low luminance as it equipped with CMOS sensor of back side reflected structure which has higher sensitivity than others. BU602M can be used for various purpose as it has sensitivity to near infrared ray also.

Demonstration for solution by USB3.0 camera & image processing libraries

SUSHI on the belt conveyer

Sorting demonstration with SUSHI on the belt conveyer by using image processing libraries.

Halcon x BU238M, QR-code Reader

Using 2.3MP B/W camera BU238M with Sony made Pregius CMOS sensor IMX174 and MVTec made Halcon, it judged SUSHI material by reading QR code printed on saucer.

Help USB3 Vision camera BU238M Halcon x BU238M

VisionPro x BU406M, Character Reader

Using 4.2mp B/W camera BU406M with CMOSIS made CMOS sensor CMV4000 and Cognex's VisionPro, it judged SUSHI material by reading characters printed on saucers.

Help USB3 Vision camera BU406M VisionPro x BU406M

Learning type inspector x BU406MC, Detecting missing and faint

Inspection on missing and faint of printed characters on sushi saucers was demonstrated by using 4.2MP color camera of BU406MC with CMOSIS CMOS sensor CMV4000 and learning type inspector provided by Toshiba Production Technology Center.

Help USB3 Vision camera BU406M VisionPro x BU406M

IoT solusion, Up Image of detected objects to cloud!

IoT solusion

Detecting objects by smart photo sensor with image processing function of SPS02, it inputs trigger to USB3 VISION camera. Image gained by USB3 VISION camera is transferred to gateway PC and uploaded to server in cloud.
Stored image data can be browsed with tablet or PC through internet or telephone line.

New products, products about to be released and reference products were exhibited.

USB3 Vision camera BU/DU

New products

USB3 Vision camera DU1207MG/MCG/MCF
with Sony IMX253(Pregius), BW/color, 12M pixels
USB3 Vision camera BU505MG/MCG/MCF
with Sony IMX250(Pregius), BW/color, 5M pixels
USB3 Vision camera BU302MG/MCG/MCF
with Sony IMX252(Pregius), BW/color, 3 Mpixels
GigE Vision camera BG505LMG/LMCG/LMCF
with Sony IMX264(Pregius), BW/color, 5M pixels
GigE Vision camera BG302LMG/LMCG/LMCF
with Sony IMX265(Pregius), BW/color, 3M pixels

Products about to be released

—USB3 Vision camera DU806M/MC/MCF with Sony IMX255(Pregius), BW/color, 8.8M pixels
USB3 Vision camera BU602M/MC/MCF
with Sony IMX178(STARVIS), BW/color, 6M pixels

Board Level Camera / ITS / Robot

Reference products (Concept products)

USB3.0 board camera
Further compact than BU series, best for built in
GigE Vision camera of IG series for ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
Wide dynamic range, high sensitivity camera
Dustproof camera with lighting, BG030CF
with Sony ICX424(CCD), 0.3M pixelsGig-Ecolor camera
Environmental resistance model for Robot Vision GigE Vision camera
Environmental resistance BG series with improved Heat-resistant, Vibration resistance, Impact resistance

to download description panel (Lineup)PDF (371KB)

USB3 Vision camera, Bus synchronizing feature to synchronize exposure of cameras completely without trigger!

Bus synchronizing feature

Our USB3 Vision camera can synchronize exposure of cameras completely only with USB connection and without external trigger.
Synchronized exposure of connected 3 USB3 VISION Camera of BU238M was demonstrated with oscilloscope indication.

USB3 Vision camera, Communication of camera system can be evaluated easily by BERT feature!


"BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) feature" equipped with USB3 VISION camera of BU series (CMOS model) can conduct evaluation on cable and board by comparing sending data and receiving data of test pattern which are generated by camera automatically. Cable quality was actually inspected by using BERT feature.

to download technical information (BERT)PDF (511KB)

Surveillance solution, Surveillance on production line by 360° camera and PTZ camera!

Surveillance solution

Surveillance on production line by 360° camera and PTZ camera was demonstrated.

Detecting Intrusion into "dangerous area" or "prohibited area" of production line by visual analysis, it records detected time to log, turn the camera to detected area and turns on warning light.
As video controlling server records image from swing camera and 360° camera all the time, user can refer the image on the server through network. Image at detected time can be immediately referred in detection time log.
In demonstration of congestion detection, alarm was raised and recorded when congestion rate exceeded a given level.

Outdoor built in case camera

Outdoor built in case camera

KA2000 as standard mode and KA2010 as high sensitivity model of outdoor built in case camera are fixed cameras focused on safe working and low life cycle total cost from installation to maintenance.
View angle can be adjusted by external serial control signal as it has motor powered zoom lens. This has one sixth volume and one third weight of our KH6000WHD and most compact and lightest in the industrial field(*).

* As outdoor built in case structured camera with wiper as of December 2016. (according to our research)



We have wide product range of peripherals through discussions with cable maker, image intake board maker, embedded PC maker, image processing software maker.



In international image seminar 2016 held at the same time, one of our engineers made a lecture with title of "Why USB3.0? – Robustness of USB3.0 and Toshiba Teli's innovational technology."
Thank you for your attendant and paying attention.

to download seminar materialPDF (2.01MB)

* Pregius and STARVIS are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
* All brand name or logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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