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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number

  Newsletter Vol.03 Welcome to teli TIME


What’s new -1-

=======================================================================  New Release! —New Teli SDK for GigE Vision camera— =======================================================================

We're pleased to announce the release of Teli original SDK Update beta version for GigE Vision camera. It is now available on our website together with the release of GigE Vision cameras. The best feature is easy-to-use, simple and quality support, this update will greatly improve the performance of the usability.  Release date: 28th February, 2013  SDK Name: Bees Series SDK Ver. 1.141 beta version  [Teli GigE camera lineup]  Gig-E Bees Series   model name: BG030(VGA 1/3), BG031(VGA 1/2), BG080(XGA), BG130(SXGA)  Gig-E GiantDragon Series   model name : CSGV90BC3-B,CSGV90CC3-B(VGA)       CSGX36BC3-B,CSGX36CC3-B(XGA)       CSGS15BC23-B,CSGS20BC2-B,CSGS20CC2-B(SXGA)       CSGU15BC18-B,CSGU15CC18-B(UXGA) Here is the link to download.


What’s new -2-

=======================================================================  Upcoming Trade Show —Automation World 2013 in Korea— =======================================================================

The largest machine vision exhibition in Korea, supported by industrial association KMIVIA.  Date: 13 -16 March 2013  Site: Coex, Hall A,B,C  We are the co-exhibiter as Kijeong Corporation. (Highlights) 1. USB3.0 camera / Bees Series   model name: BU030 2. GigE camera/ Bees Series   model name: BG030, BG130 3. Smart Photo Sensor   model name: SPS02 4. 6.5MP CMOS camera with 85fps@ full resolution   model name: CSC6M85BMP11 5. CoaXPress I/F 12M CMOS Color Camera   model name: CSX12M25CMP19 We look forward to seeing you at Automation World 2013.


What’s new -3-

=======================================================================  Upcoming Trade show —SEMICON China 2013— =======================================================================

Toshiba Teli will exhibit at SEMICON China 2013.  Date: 19 - 21 March 2013  Site: Shanghai New International Expo Center   We are the co-exhibiter as Shanghai Lumen Vision Technology. (Highlights) 1. USB3.0 camera / Bees Series   model name: BU030 2. GigE camera/ Bees Series   model name: BG030, BG130 3. Smart Photo Sensor   model name: SPS02 We look forward to seeing you at SEMICON China 2013. [Contact - Shanghai Rep. office]   Room 812 World Trade Tower   No.500 Guangdong Road, Shanghai 200001   TEL: +86-63620700 FAX: +86-63620927


What’s new -4-

=======================================================================  Past Trade Show —Automate2013— =======================================================================

Toshiba Teli exhibited at Automate2013 in Chicago. We demonstrated PoE camera, USB3.0 camera, 6.5Mega camera and SPS. Thank you very much for stopping by our booth.


Editor’s note

=======================================================================  In Tokyo, Japanese plums have started blooming.  Originally it was introduced from China, Japanese plum (ume) has  played an important role in Japanese culture for many centuries.  Also, the plum is associated with the start of Spring. =======================================================================

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