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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number


teli TIME Vol.39

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (((((((((( Today's topics )))))))))) 1. Updated information of TeliCamSDK 2. User's guide for the latest model of "BG series" is now released. [ Topic -1- ] ===+================================================================== Updated information of TeliCamSDK ==================================================================+=== The latest version of "TeliCamSDK" (Windows version) is released which is the software developing tool for our USB3 Vision / GigE Vision camera. [Version number] v2.1.3.1 [Major modifications and additions] 1. TeliGevDriver supports plug & play of network adaptor 2. Setting range of TeliCamAPI and argument is modified. 3. Correction on some problems << Click here to download! >> TeliCamSDK (Windows version) Version: v2.1.3.1 *User registration is required to download. [ Topic -2- ] ===+================================================================== User's guide for the latest model of "BG series" is now released. ==================================================================+=== You must see this if you are considering product introduction! Introducing the latest "BG505LM / BG302LM" of GigE Vision camera "BG Series", their advantages and features are explained for easy understanding. Please refer it together with brochure. << See below for details >> User's Guide for BG505LM Series, BG302LM Series Brochure for BG505LM Series, BG302LM Series *- English -* *- Chinese -* Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have queries for Toshiba Teli products described in this e-mail newsletter and Toshiba Teli Corporation, please visit our homepage or contact us. Tel: +81-42-589-8771 Monday - Friday, AM9:00 - PM5:00 (Japan Standard Time) Access through here to change distribution address *New password is required for the customers who registered before October 2017. Please get a new password through above URL before you proceed. Click here to terminate distribution Please send a blank e-mail to above address. Access to URL described in the return e-mail for withdrawal procedure. Privacy Policy ====================================================================== Publisher: Toshiba Teli Corporation, Sales Div. 4-7-1, Asahigaoka, Hino, Tokyo, 191-0065, Japan Copyright(C) 2017 TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction and redeliver of this e-mail is prohibited. All contents on this mail are the copyright of Toshiba Teli Corporation and the information provider. ====================================================================== 122T171024E

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