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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number


teli TIME Vol.41

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ December, 2017 (((((((((( Today's topics )))))))))) 1. "ITE 2017", Report with thanks 2. Updated information of Register Controller for Camera Link camera 3. New camera catalog is released! [ White Paper ] * Thermal design guide line (added DU1207M series) [ Notice ] * Notice of year end and new year holiday ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Topic -1- ] ===+================================================================== "ITE 2017", Report with thanks ==================================================================+=== We exhibited in "International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment (ITE) 2017" held in Pacifico Yokohama for December 6 to 8th 2017. Dual USB camera as the first main item, wide product range of BU / DU series of USB3.0 camera, concept models and advanced features were introduced under the theme of "Total vision solution by machine vision professional". Also, several other demonstration and display were conducted such as the latest camera with various interfaces, USB3.0 camera / GigE camera with Linux version TeliCamSDK in their ARM, peripherals with our partner's specifications, smart photo sensor, IoT solution by surveillance camera with image processing application and ToF camera. Furthermore, the lecture was conducted in international vision seminar under the title of "Application of FA camera in machine vision" on Wednesday December 6th 2017. We would like to express our gratitude for so many of you shared your precious time to attend. Please refer this for details, exhibition report of "ITE 2017" [ Topic -2- ] ===+================================================================== Updated information of Register Controller for Camera Link camera ==================================================================+=== The register controller for our Camera Link camera becomes applicable to the latest camera of BC302LMG / BC505LMG. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Register Controller for Camera Link camera ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Version number] v2.5.0.1 [Major modifications and additions] 1. BC302LMG and BC505LMG has been added to the list of our conventional CSC series including CSC6M100BMP11 / CSC6M100CMP11 with original 6.5 Mp pixels CMOS sensor. New users as well as experienced users can intuitively operate it. << Click here to download! >> Register Controller for Camera Link camera * User registration is required to download. * Please check the latest version on this site. [ Topic -3- ] ===+================================================================== New camera catalog is released! ==================================================================+=== Camera catalog of November 2017 edition is released. Web version is available in our site. << See below for details >> Catalog download [ White Paper ] ===+================================================================== Thermal design guide line (added DU1207M series) ==================================================================+=== Guideline of thermal design is available in our web for you to use all the features of USB3.0 camera of BU/DU series and GigE camera of BG series. You can easily simulate a thermal design by input required items in web such as series name, model name of camera and so on. And this becomes applicable to the latest camera of DU1207MG / DU1207MCG / DU1207MCF. << See below for details >> Thermal design guide line [ Notice ] ===+================================================================== Notice of year end and new year holiday ==================================================================+=== Our company will close from 12:00pm on Wednesday December 28th 2017 to Thursday January 4th 2018. (Japan Standard Time) Response to your inquiry might be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have queries for Toshiba Teli products described in this e-mail newsletter and Toshiba Teli Corporation, please visit our homepage or contact us. Tel: +81-42-589-8771 Monday - Friday, AM9:00 - PM5:00 (Japan Standard Time) Access through here to change distribution address *New password is required for the customers who registered before October 2017. Please get a new password through above URL before you proceed. Click here to terminate distribution Please send a blank e-mail to above address. Access to URL described in the return e-mail for withdrawal procedure. Privacy Policy Camera Link are registered trademark of AIA (Automated Imaging Association). ====================================================================== Publisher: Toshiba Teli Corporation, Sales Div. 4-7-1, Asahigaoka, Hino, Tokyo, 191-0065, Japan Copyright(C) 2017 TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction and redeliver of this e-mail is prohibited. All contents on this mail are the copyright of Toshiba Teli Corporation and the information provider. ====================================================================== 122T171220E

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