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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number

teli TIME Vol.05

***************************** INDEX *****************************


1.The FAQ site is now available 2.New product release : 6 models of BG/BU series (GigE Camera/USB3 Camera) 3.New release of SDK Windows7 64bit for both BG and BU series 4.New release of application software for SPS Smart Photo Sensor, "Orientation Checker"

Special feature

1.Introduction of USB3 Vision   (Vol.2 line up and the advantages of USB3Vision)


Topic -1-

======================================================================  The FAQ site is now available ======================================================================

We have opened the FAQ for machine vision cameras and solutions at the following URL. The site would answer your variety of questions such as explanation of technical terms, cable connection methods, use of SDK and so on. We hope the site would be useful to understand the cameras and solutions.


Topic -2-

======================================================================  New product release : 6 models of BG/BU series (GigE Camera/USB3 Camera) ======================================================================

We are pleased to announce the addition of 6 models of well recognized as BG/BU series to be launched by the end of 2013. The new models are color version of VGA and SXGA of both BG/BU series, 2M (CCD/UXGA) monochrome of BG and 4M (CMOS) monochrome of BU. < BG series(GigE Camera:POE support) >   BG030C 1/3" CCD/VGA/color/125fps(max)   BG130C 1/3" CCD/SXGA/color/30fps(max)   BG202 1/1.8" CCD/UXGA/BW/20fps(max) < BU series(USB3.0 Camera) >   BU030C 1/3" CCD/VGA/color/125fps(max)   BU130C 1/3" CCD/SXGA/color/30fps(max)   BU406M 1" CMOS/4M/BW/90fps(max) We will strive to provide you with our best line up of products to meet your variety of needs. Please contact us for further information.


Topic -3-

======================================================================  New release of SDK Windows7 64bit for both BG and BU series ======================================================================

SDK for BG (GigE) and BU(USB3.0) series of Windows 7 64bit version are now available for download. < BU series SDK >   Update day 6.Aug.2013   Product SDK(USB)(ver.1.301) < BG series SDK >   Update day 18.Jul.2013   Product SDK(Gig-E)(ver. 1.201) This update of SDK software includes substantial improvement such as addition of sample codes. Now that the SDK for 64 bit version of both BG/BU is available, we are confident that it would be a good opportunity to choose our cameras to satisfy your needs. We will continue to improve software which will be publicized in our web site from time to time.


Topic -4-

======================================================================  New release of application software for SPS Smart Photo Sensor, "Orientation Checker" ======================================================================

The application software is available at the following URL.   Update day 19.Sep.2013   Product Orientation Checker(ver.1) What is the "Orientation Checker" app software? The software enables to detect the orientation of the object (component parts) by comparing if it is preset orientation or not. This function serves as forming a queue, detection of abnormal objects. Thanks to the high speed processing that is one of the characteristics of the SPS, this application suits for the production lines which require high speed processing. < Function > The Application makes a comparison of the center position of a measuring object and the center of gravity position of the pattern, and distinguish whether the center of gravity locates in the setup position(right, left, top, bottom, upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left) or not. It has external trigger mode and auto trigger mode. In case of auto trigger mode, it does not require trigger sensor as SPS automatically detect the object by observing the detection area all the time. < Example of the application > Detection of the orientation of chip components Detection of the orientation of labels For information, see this URL


Special feature

======================================================================  Introduction of USB3 Vision   (Vol.2 line up and the advantages of USB3Vision) ======================================================================

In this issue, we introduce our line up and the advantages of USB3Vision (U3V) which has lately drawn considerable attention in the industry. As for the interface of the FA camera in Japanese market these days, it is said that the proportion of digital cameras and analog is 60% and 40%. The CameraLink (CL) has overwhelming share of approximately 70% among the digital interfaces.USB3Vision (U3V) has advantages in many respects compared with CL, we would anticipate camera users would substitute U3V for CL as well as for analog. What are the advantages of U3V? U3V has significant superiority at the multiple use, the control procedure, connector size, ease-of-use (unnecessary of expertise) and competitive price, while U3V is as good as CL with respects to the speed of data transfer, power supply over bus and maximum operative length of cable.U3V is getting popular not only low cost of camera itself but a big total cost saving because it does not require capture board. As we mentioned above, we have been working on adding new line up in addition to the current models of VGA (1/2, 1/3), XGA and SXGA. We are proud to offer a substantial technical support, in addition to the big sales points of small in size, high frame rate, and low price. You would look forward to the expansion of line up of BG/BU series. On the next issue, we introduce the connection confirmation latest information of the peripheral device.


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