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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number

teli TIME Vol.06

        (((((((((( INDEX ))))))))))


1. We will be exhibiting at INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITION    ON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT 2013 2. Practical use examples of SPS(Smart Photo Sensor) 3. To all of COGNEX users!    Our cameras become accessible to VisionPro old version!

Special feature

1. Introduction of USB3 Vision    (Vol.3 information of the image acquisition board)

Topic -1-

======================================================================   We will be exhibiting at INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITION       ON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT 2013 ======================================================================

" It's a NewStandard "     -- An abundant lineup and satisfying solution -- We display an abundant lineup including brand new products which will be released from this autumn to winter. And we have established the solution section with cooperation of the image processing makers and capture board makers. We introduce satisfying solutions by the collaboration with cooperative companies. Furthermore we hold a seminar by our senior manager of Sales & Marketing Div. titled "A digital camera lineup to support machine vision and the application example." We are looking forward to your visit. (Booth NO.53) Dates 4(Wed.)~6(Fri.) Dec. 2013 A.M.10:00~P.M.5:00 Site PACIFICO YOKOHAMA IN JAPAN Admission Free Seminar 5(Thu.) Dec. 2013 P.M.1:00~P.M.1:50 Annex hall F202 Camera Lineup  USB3.0 Camera Gig-E Camera    1/3typeCCD VGA B/W 1/3typeCCD VGA B/W    1/2typeCCD VGA B/W 1/2typeCCD VGA B/W    1/3typeCCD XGA B/W 1/3typeCCD XGA B/W    1/3typeCCD SXGA B/W 1/3typeCCD SXGA B/W    1/1typeCMOS 4M B/W 1/1.8typeCCD UXGA B/W    1/3typeCCD VGA Color 1/3typeCCD VGA Color    1/3typeCCD SXGA Color 1/3typeCCD SXGA Color    1/1typeCMOS 4M Color 1/1.8typeCCD UXGA Color  CoaXPress Camera   1.9typeCMOS 12M Color  CameraLink Camera   1.9typeCMOS 12M B/W 1.9typeCMOS 12M Color   1.1typeCMOS 6.5M B/W(PoCL) 1.1typeCMOS 6.5M Color(PoCL)   1/3typeCCD VGA B/W(PoCL) 1/3typeCCD VGA Color(PoCL)   1/3typeCCD VGA B/W(PoCL-lite)  DVI-D Camera   1/2.8typeCMOS 2M(FULL HD) Color   1/3typeCMOS 1.4M(HD) Color  Smart Photo Sensor   SPS02


Topic -2-

======================================================================  Practical use examples of SPS(Smart Photo Sensor) ======================================================================

We introduce two examples of solution using SPS02. * Built into narrow space, quantification of conveyance material has   been realized !!  The conventional picture sensor of general use is too big to fit in  a narrow space. But this SPS02 can be fitted as like photoelectronic  sensor. By using an output data(RS-232C) of the area, it has  contributed to the high value equipment. * Distinguishes the rotatory direction of a tool rotating at high   speed !!   It catches the mark of a tool rotating at high speed and detect it   which the mark moves to and grasp rotatory direction (clockwise   direction/ counterclockwise direction). Thereby it can prevent   manufacturing process from a false wiring. Using an exclusive   library for the mark detection, it grasps a characteristic and the   coordinate level of the mark at high speed. Furthermore, it grasps   rotatory direction by tracing a coordinate level of the mark.   An exposure is 20μs. We have developed application specialized in   high-speed processing and realized less than 1ms from exposure to   the result output.


Topic -3-

======================================================================  To all of COGNEX users!     Our cameras become accessible to VisionPro old version! ======================================================================

Our BG series camera become accessible to an old version of image processing software VisionPro of COGNEX. We have developed the interface software which connected SDK and VisionPro to be able to use our cameras for COGNEX users widely. Thereby our BG series (GigE camera) come to be available even in the older versions than ver7.2. In addition, we release the interface software for "TeliU3VSDK" use , so you come to be able to use BU series (USB3.0 camera) for all versions of the software. The interface software for BG and BU are planned to be released around the beginning of December. You can download all gratis from our homepage. Please add our cameras to your lineup.


Special feature

======================================================================  Introduction of USB3 Vision     (Vol.3 information of the image acquisition board ) ======================================================================

We introduce you to the information about the image acquisition board which carried out connection confirmation. We recommend a board mounted with USB3.0 host controller made by Renesas Electronics. Furthermore, we are testing to confirm connectivity other than Renesas Electronics. So we introduce a part of them. [Maker] [Product Name] [Number Of Ports] [Host Controller]  RATOC SYSTEMS REX=PEU3 2 Renesas Electronics  BUFFALO IFC-PCIE4U3S 4 Renesas Electronics  SilverStone SST-EC04 4 TI SANWA DIRECT 400-U3IFPCI 2 Etron AREA SD-PEU3E-2E 2 Etron [System Requirements]  OS:Windows XP/Windows 7  32bit  CPU:more than Pentium D 2.66GHz  Memory:more than 1GByte  Graphics:VRAM more than 128MByte We keep providing you with updated information on our website from time to time. Furthermore, we are also testing to confirm the connectivity of chipset which are build in PCs. We update information in the URL as follows, The next issue, we introduce a heat design manual.


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