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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number

teli TIME Vol.07

        (((((((((( INDEX )))))))))) [ Topics ] 1. We updated a homepage! 2. Features of 6.5M Camera Link camera [ Special feature ] 1. Introduction of USB3 Vision (Vol.4 Thermal Design Manual) 2. Introduction of USB3 Vision (Vol.5 TeliU3v) [ Topic -1- ] ====================================================================== We have updated our homepage! ====================================================================== * Review of the INTERNATUONAL TECHNICAL EXHIBITION ON IMAGE TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT 2013 * Introduction of the new products BU series BG series * Data of camera catalog(all models) * The latest version of SDK for BU/BG series * Back number of teli TIME ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Topic -2- ] ====================================================================== Feature of 6.5M Camera Link camera ====================================================================== This camera equips a high-resolution B/W 6.5 megapixels readout system CMOS sensor. * High-speed output of ultra-high-resolution images The TOSHIBA TELI's proprietary 1.1 type 6.5 megapixels high- resolution B/W CMOS sensor outputs the entire 6.5 megapixels in a speed as fast as 85 fps. * Global shutter A global electronic shutter similar to a CCD image sensor, clear images of even fast-moving object are obtainable with minimal blur. * High-sensitivity As sensitive as CCD camera. * Binning function By using Binning function, it is possible to change resolution without change field of view. * WOI function Partial readout is possible by using WOI function. Those who wish to make a try of this camera at your site, free rental is welcome. Please send your e-mail using the inquire form from at the following URL. Detailed specifications of the product are at the following URL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Special Feature -1- ] ====================================================================== Introduction of USB3 Vision (Vol.4 Thermal Design Manual) ====================================================================== BU series (USB3.0 cameras) must be used at the condition that the surface temperature of the camera housing is at no more than 50 degree Celsius. Main features of these cameras are high speed frame rate, small size, light weight. As the surface area of these cameras is so small, the capability of heat radiation in stand alone is relatively low. It is essential to radiate the heat of these cameras by thermal conduction or convection when you use them. The following URL provides you with useful data to design the heat radiation method in use. Please refer to this information to use cameras in the proper condition with regards to the heat, while the temperature of the cameras is lowered by the connection with lens and the attachment to equipment that generates the radiation effects. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Special Feature -2- ] ====================================================================== Introduction of USB3 Vision (Vol.5 TeliU3v ) ====================================================================== We introduce you to the information about TeliU3vSDK for BU series. TeliU3vSDK adopts the API of the C language of which calling conventions are the same as that of Windows. So it is possible to call API from C++, C#,, VB6.0, BCB, and Delphi. Higher level of performance can be expected by the combination use with the device driver included. It would help customers' development efficiency by the expansion of sample codes as well as viewer software and a variety of tools. Gratis TeliU3vSDK can be down loaded at the following URL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to unsubscribe this e-mail newsletter, please send an e-mail with "unsubscribe" in the subject line or main text to the following address. If you have queries for Teli products described in this e-mail newsletter and Toshiba Teli Corporation, Please visit our homepage or contact us. Tel: +81-42-589-8771 Monday-Friday 8:45-17:15(Japan Standard Time) Privacy Policy ====================================================================== Publisher: Toshiba Teli Corporation, Sales Div. 4-7-1, Asahigaoka, Hino, Tokyo, 191-0065, Japan Copyright(C)2014 TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction and redeliver of this e-mail is prohibited. All contents on this mail are the copyright of Toshiba Teli Corporation and the information provider. ====================================================================== 122T140314E

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