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E-Newsletter(teli TIME)

"teli TIME", which is free e-newsletter of our campaign, tradeshow which we attend, or new products and technical information, about our industrial cameras.

"teli TIME" Back number

teli TIME Vol.08

        (((((((((( INDEX )))))))))) [ Topics ] 1. A new line-up of BU/BG series is coming 2. Data logger plus BG series demo at the JSAE show in Yokohama. 3. ISS2014 show in Yokohama. [ Special feature ] Introduction of USB3 Vision(Final : Conclusion) [ Topic -1- ] ====================================================================== A new line-up of BU/BG series is coming. ====================================================================== 2M, 2.4M and 4M with higher frame rate cameras are available for your choice. The following models are added to BU and BG series. * BU238M/MC/MCF(B/W and color) Sensor:SONY IMX174 Pixels:2.4M Frame rate:165fps Interface:USB3.0 * BU406MC/MCF (Color) Sensor:CMOSIS CMV4000 Pixels:4M Frame rate:90fps Interface:USB3.0 * BU205M (B/W) Sensor:CMOSIS CMV2000 Pixels:2M Frame rate:170fps Interface:USB3.0 * BG205M/MC/MCF(B/W and color) Sensor:CMOSIS CMV2000 Pixels:2M Frame rate:50fps Interface:GigE(PoE) These are coming this summer. If you have interest in the above products, please ask our sales staff or dealers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Topic -2- ] ====================================================================== Data logger plus BG series demo at the JSAE show in Yokohama ====================================================================== Toshiba Teli will be exhibiting at JSAE(Automotive Engineering Exposition; May 21 to 23, 2014 in Yokohama) with National Instrument Japan Corporation. We exhibit our BG series with data logger of National Instruments. If you come to this show, please visit the National Instruments Japan booth and have a look at our BG series. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Topic -3- ] ====================================================================== ISS2014 show in Yokohama ====================================================================== In ISS2014 show (IMAGE SENSING SHOW;June 11 to 13, 2014 in Yokohama), you can see Toshiba Teli products at the following relative companies' booth. *Avaldata Corporation (Booth#58) exhibits BU series *MICRO-TECHNICA Co.,Ltd(Booth#3) exhibits HD camera *SEIWA OPTICAL Co.,Ltd (Booth#11) exhibits BU/BG series and others *SYMCO CORPORATION (Booth#80) exhibits BU/BG (Only descriptions) *TechnoScope Co.,Ltd (Booth#60) exhibits BU series *Anafocus (Booth#68) exhibits smart photo sensor We look forward to seeing you at ISS2014 show! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Special Feature ] ====================================================================== Introduction of USB3 Vision (Final:Conclusion) ====================================================================== Summarized advantage of USB3Vision are follows; 1. Machine vision standard.(It is hosted by AIA) 2. High bit rate up to 5Gbps. 3. Easy to use plug and play interface. 4. Power and data over the same possible cable. 5. GenICam generic programming interface. For the above reasons, it is very useful interface for various use of industrial camera. This is one of the interfaces we recommend to the users who look for camera or especially to the analog users who plan to switch to digital. Our BU series conform to USB3Vision standard. Please try it. For detailed information, please visit the following URL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you very much for reading "teli-Time". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to unsubscribe this e-mail newsletter, please send an e-mail with "unsubscribe" in the subject line or main text to the following address. If you have queries for Toshiba Teli products described in this e-mail newsletter and Toshiba Teli Corporation, Please visit our homepage or contact us. Tel: +81-42-589-8771 Monday-Friday AM9:00-PM5:00(Japan Standard Time) Privacy Policy ====================================================================== Publisher: Toshiba Teli Corporation, Sales Div. 4-7-1, Asahigaoka, Hino, Tokyo, 191-0065, Japan Copyright(C)2014 TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction and redeliver of this e-mail is prohibited. All contents on this mail are the copyright of Toshiba Teli Corporation and the information provider. ====================================================================== 122T140519E

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