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Camera Scope

Through an extensive mechatronics technology, we are providing a wide range of pipe inspection, from large-scale system such as sewer inspection to smaller installation such as mobile camera scope.

Camera Scope

Hard cable color camera system


TS3040 Photo



TS3040 is an insertion-type TV camera system with a hard cable developed for inspecting the internal conditions of various pipes.

Key Features

  • Camera head equipped with an automatic leveling system
  • Waterproof structure (IP68, water tightness 1.0MPa)
  • Super-wide-angle lens (aerial angle of view: approx. 160°, underwater angle of view: 96°)
  • Super-high-intensity white LED
  • Image recording


TS3040 Specification Table
Model TS3040
Applied pipe diameter Ø50 to Ø800 mm (*1)
TV system Compliant with the NTSC standard
Image sensor 1/4 type 300,000 pixels C-MOS sensor
Lens F2.8, f = 2mm
Waterproof structure At a water pressure of 1.0 MPa
(Designed to meet IP68)
Cable length 40 m
Input power supply 100 to 240 ACV±10%, 50/60 Hz, 0.4A(typ.)
External Dimension Head : Ø30 mm
Control Unit : 430(W) x 523(H) x 242(D) mm
Weight Approx. 12kg
  • (*1)For pipes with a diameter of 300 mm or greater, you must be able to check joint sections with a skid attached to the camera head.



Operation Manual

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