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TOP > Products > Amazing high quality imaging realized by USB3.0 CMOS camera.

Industrial Camera

September 18, 2014

Amazing high quality imaging realized by USB3.0 CMOS camera. (BU238M series)

BU series cameraBU series camera
USB3.0camera   BU238M/BU238MC/BU238MCF

BU238M series equipped new CMOS sensor made by Sony(IMX174) are USB3.0 cameras high image quality, high resolution(2.3M pixels), high frame rate (165fps).
It is extremely low specific CMOS noise (FPN, sensitivity difference between pixels), and featuring low noise compare to CCD and high speed output as CMOS own.
The difference of image quality, and sensitivity between BU238M series and former CMOS camera as follows;


Result of comparison

We select comparative camera as CSB4000CL-10 and CSGS15BC23-B the reason is pixel size of both two cameras are almost the same as BU238M.
The result is BU238M and CSGS15BC23-B are better both image quality and sensitivity than CSB4000CL-10A. Image of CSB4000CL-10 is very noisy when set the gain is high. And BU238M is high frame rate camera compare to CCD camera so it is an unprecedented high quality camera.

Comparison table of BU238M/CSB4000CL-10/CSGS15BC23-B
Item New CMOS camera BU238M Former CMOS camera CSB4000CL-10A CCD camera
Image quality Good No Good Good
Sensitivity Good No Good Good
Frame rate Good No Good No Good



Comparison of image quality

   There is no inferiority low nose compare to CCD camera.

When using in standard illumination, it seems not so big difference, but when gain up (+12dB), there are much random noise in image of CSB4000CL-10A. And there are fixed pattern noises in stripe in a part of object, there are less quality in part B of object. BU238M equipped Sony new CMOS sensor has almost same quality as CCD camera CSGS15BC23-B, and it can be used at the gain +18dB. Considering pixels size of BU238M is smaller than CSGS15BC23-B, it is better sensitivity than CCD camera.

A part of Object
MODEL In standard illumination In gain +12dB(X4)
New CMOS camera
BU238M Object A BU238M Object A
Former CMOSカメラ
CSB4000CL-10A Object A CSB4000CL-10A Object A
CCD camera
CSGS15BC23-B Object A CSGS15BC23-B Object A
  • Conditions: Magnification is fixed. Work distance is the same. For sensitivity control using ND filter and adjusting lens iris F4 to F5.6. And pick up a part of object as real scale.
B part of object
MODEL In standard illumination In gain+12dB(x4)
New CMOS camera
BU238M object B BU238M object B
Former CMOS camera
CSB4000CL-10A object B CSB4000CL-10 object B
CCD camera
CSGS15BC23-B object B CSGS15BC23-B object B
  • Conditions: Magnification is fixed. Work distance is the same. For sensitivity control using ND filter and adjusting lens iris F4 to F5.6. And pick up a part of object as real scale.

Comparison of sensitivity

   Approximately 8 times high sensitivity compare to former CMOS camera, so almost the same sensitivity as a CCD camera!

Sensitivity of new CMOS camera BU238M, is approximately 8 times compare to CSB4000CL-10A, and almost the same sensitivity as CSGS15BC23-B.
Following images are captured by the same condition and correct difference of sensitivity causes from difference size of pixels. BU238M and CSGS15BC23-B seems almost the same intensity, but image of CSB4000CL-10A too dark to see.

Comparison sensitivity
MODEL Constant illumination
New CMOS camera
Former CMOS camera
CCD camera
  • Conditions: Magnification is fixed. Lens iris F5.6 (Fixed), work distance is the same, exposure time as 5msec. and demagnify object size. And to easy to show sensitivity difference, corrected difference of black level and size of pixel.

BU238 Series Specifications

BU238M/BU238MC/BU238MCF Cameras lineup
B/W / Color B/W Color
Image sensor CMOS
Pixel 1920(H) x 1200(V)
WUXGA / 2.3M
Device 11.25mm (H) x 7.03mm (V) (1/1.2 type)
Unit cell 5.86μm x 5.86μm
Interface USB3.0
Protocol USB3.0 Vision
Scanning Progressive
Video format MONO 8bit Bayer 8bit
Frame rate Max163fps
Aspect ratio 16:10
Power supply DC5V±5%
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 29mm(W) x 29mm(H) x 16mm(D) (Not including protruding parts)

Term of release

In September 2014 (scheduled)

Comparison of specifications

Comparison of specification are as shown below;

BU238M/CSB4000CL-10/CSGS15BC23-B Specifications
B/W / Color B/W
Image sensor CMOS CCD
Pixel 1920(H) x 1200(V)
2008(H) x 2047(V)
1360(H) x 1024(V)
Device 11.25mm (H) x 7.03mm (V)
(1/1.2 type)
12.048mm (H) x 12.282mm (V)
(1.1 type)
8.98mm (H) x 6.71mm (V)
(2/3 type)
Unit cell 5.86μm x 5.86μm 6.00μm x 6.00μm 6.45μm x 6.45μm
Pixel area ratio X0.83 X0.87 X1
Sensitivity ratio X0.82 X0.11 X1
Interface USB3.0 Camera Link Gig-E
Scanning Progressive
Frame rate Max165fps Max7.29fps Max15fps
Aspect ratio 16:10 1:1 4:3
Lens mount C-mount


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