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TOP > Products > Gratitude for coming and report of ITE 2015

Industrial Camera

December 21, 2015

Gratitude for coming and report of "ITE 2015"


We exhibited our products in "International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2015 (ITE 2015)" held in Pacifico Yokohama December for 2nd to 4th 2015.

With theme of "Further evolution, USB3 Vision camera to be the most advanced in the industry", we exhibited a solution by BU/DU series and demonstrated robustness in our booth.
Thank you so much for joining us on our booth.

Introduction of exhibits

We introduce our major exhibits in ITE 2015.

Enhanced product range, USB3 Vision camera (BU1203MCF/BU505MCF), high image quality & high resolution camera with the latest Sony CMOS sensor

USB3 Vision camera BU1203MCF

Color camera BU1203MCF equipped with Sony back-illuminated 12MP CMOS sensor IMX226 was exhibited.
BU1203MCF achieves higher color reproducibility by built in color correction function. Image in high resolution and high quality was displayed with 4K REGZA.
And also, this color camera has B/W output mode so that it can be used for double purpose.

- to download description panel (BU1203MC/MCF)PDF (378KB)

USB3 Vision camera BU505MCF

Color camera BU505MCF equipped with Sony super high image quality 5MP CMOS sensor IMX250 was exhibited.
Drastically lower noise than conventional CCD cameras, clear and sharp image can be achieved by this camera.

- to download description panel (BU505M/MC/MCF)PDF (335KB)

Products at one fell swoop; products of new, coming soon & reference

USB3 Vision camera BU/DU

New products

- Super high resolution USB3 Vision camera BU1203MC/MCF
  With Sony IMX226, color, 12M pixels
- High image quality USB3 Vision camera BU505MC/MCF
  With Sony IMX250, color, 5M pixels
- High image quality USB3 Vision camera BU302M/MC/MCF
  With Sony IMX252, B/W, color, 3M pixels
- High performance USB3 Vision camera DU657MC
  Toshiba Teli original CMOS sensor, color, 6.5M pixels

USB3 Vision camera / GigE Vision camera

Coming soon

- USB3 Vision camera BU132M
  with e2v EV76C560, B/W, 1.3M pixels
- GigE Vision camera BG505LM
  with Sony IMX264, B/W, 5M pixels
- GigE Vision camera BG302LM
  with Sony IMX265, B/W, 3M pixels

Board Level Camera / ITS / Robot

Reference (concept product)

- USB3.0 board level camera
  Further compact than BU series, best for built in
- Wide dynamic range GigE Vision camera IG238LM
  With Sony IMX249, B/W, 2.3M pixels
- Environmental resistance model for Robot Vision GigE Vision camera
  Environmental resistance BG series with improved Heat-resistant, Vibration resistance, Impact resistance

- to download description panel (Lineup)PDF (456KB)
- Reference product flyer (board level camera, GigE Vision camera for ITS, environment resistance type GigE Vision camera) to downloadPDF (2.51MB)

FA & monitoring solution

FA & monitoring solution system
FA & monitoring solution

We exhibited integrated solution of our FA camera and surveillance camera.

In our demonstration, (1) imaging food sample carried on the conveyer with USB3 Vision camera BU238MCF, (2) checking presence of impurity by image processing system.

(3) Food sample with impurity is judged as NG, and notified to video control server, then log (time stamp) is recorded.
(4) And, video control server turns the turning camera to the area where the impurity was found.
(5) Video control server always record image from turning camera, 360deg camera and fixed dome camera. User can check image of the server through network.
At the same time, image when impurity was found can be checked immediately through the log.

- to download description panel (FA & monitoring solution)PDF (303KB)

IoT solution display

IoT solution display

Detecting the object by smart photo sensor SPS02 which has image processing function (1), OK/NG was notified to server in cloud.
At the same time, image from GigE Vision camera BG030 is also accumulated to the server in cloud.
Accumulated data can be browsed by internet, tablet and PC through phone line. (2)

- to download description panel (IoT solution)PDF (280KB)

USB3 Vision multi camera connection

Multi camera

USB3 Vision camera can perform more in image processing as CPU load is less.
In the demonstration of multi camera, 6 of USB3 Vision camera (BU302M x 3 / BU406MC[F] x 2 / BU030 x1) are connected and showed high level performance without lost frame owing to less CPU load.

- to download description panel (multi camera system)PDF (440KB)

Robustness evaluation of USB3.0


This is one of the most important factors for using USB3.0 application.
Using "BERT(Bit Error Rate Test) function" which is equipped in our USB3 Vision camera BU series (CMOS model), signal quality check was performed on ordinary USB3.0 cable from city market and our recommended USB3.0 cable.

- to download description panel (BERT)PDF (291KB)
- to download technical information (BERT)PDF (511KB)



We have wide product range of peripherals through discussions with cable maker, image intake board maker, embedded PC maker, image processing software maker.


International image technology seminar 2015

Our company staff made a lecture "USB3 Vision, its merit" in International image technology seminar 2015 which is held at the same time.
Thank you so much for coming on the seminar.

- to download seminar materialPDF (3.28MB)


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