About downloading failure situation report form

Repair methods

As our company policy, you are required to return our products to our factory for maintenance service such as repair.
Depend on model, we will offer you a repair otherwise replacement with substitute or equivalent.
Please refer for the inquiry for details to this button.

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Repair request methods

On the occasion of a repair request, please return the defective product with the “Failure situation report form” to be filled out.
Please read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Please return our product alone, taking out of your equipment in case that our product is installed to an equipment.
  2. We are unable to return the information such as your own serial numbers, control number, the identification seal,if it is attached to the returned products. Please keep record before you return the product.
  3. As the data saved in the camera will not be kept after the repair, please take out data before return.
  4. We are unable to accept the cancellation after the repair request by the customer's reason.
  5. About the repair product shipping expenses, please bear the charges when you return the product to us. We bear the charges to you from us only for a warranty period.
  6. We are unable to accept your request of a delivery date and time of the product return, or the delivery method.
  7. We are unable to accept a trouble factor investigation.
  8. We accept a repair of out of warranty product, if it is reparable.
  9. The proprietary rights of the repair request products after the exchange repair belong to us.
  10. The immunity from responsibility of the product is applied in the repair completion products.
  • Please refer for the inquiry about the software to this button or sales personnel.

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Download form

"Failure situation report form" downloading

Failure situation report form (PDF)(576KB)