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Please look at here about an overseas sales network.

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Sales Offices

Head Office

4-7-1, Asahigaoka,
Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0065. Japan

Sales & Marketing Div.
Sales Sec.Ⅰ (International business).

(Products handled; Industrial camera, Intratubular test cameras)
TEL : +81-42-589-8771
FAX : +81-42-589-8774

Sales & Marketing Div.
Sales Sec.Ⅰ.

TEL : +81-42-589-8775
FAX : +81-42-589-8774

Sales & Marketing Div.
Sales Sec.Ⅱ.

TEL : +81-42-589-7541
FAX : +81-42-589-8774


  1. Take a train "Narita Express" from Narita Airport to Shinjuku.
  2. At Shinjuku station, please transfer to a train "Chuo line" which bounds for Hatioji or Takao.
  3. Please take off the train at Toyoda Station which would take about 45minutes from Shinjuku.
  4. Go to North exit at Toyoda station. Then you will find a bus stop No#3 just diagonally in front as the left drawing.
  5. Take the bus from bus stop No#3 bounds for Hirayama Kogyo Danchi (All the buses from No3 go to our nearest bus stop.) and take off at a bus stop "Hirayama Kogyo Danchi" which is 4th stop from the station( 7-10minutes ).
  6. The company in front of the bus stop is TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION. Walk to right direction for 50m and you will find the entrance of our company.


Kansai Branch (Kobe)
4-2-20, Goko-dori,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-0087, Japan
TEL : +81-78-241-7717
FAX : +81-78-241-7729
Chubu Branch (Nagoya)
Toshiba Nagoya Building, 2-33-10,
Meisei, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0064, Japan
TEL : +81-52-524-0223
FAX : +81-52-524-0228