Industrial Camera

3D CAD model

Conditions of CAD data use

  1. CAD data helps efficient designing with various CAD systems.
    Reproduction or use for other purpose than above of CAD data in this site are not allowed.
  2. Some of the CAD data details are simplified.
  3. CAD data is not supposed to be any guaranty of our product specification.
    And, values from downloaded CAD data are not guaranteed to much the values from actual product.
  4. CAD data are subject to change without notice.
  5. Copyright of any of information in CAD data belongs to our company. Replication, modification, disclosure, reprint and transfer to the third party of all or any part of CAD data without prior permission by our company is not allowed.
  6. Our company assumes no responsibility in any damage including lost profit or compensation for damage from the third party etc. which are caused by use, modification or deletion of CAD data.
  7. Regarding the drawing created with CAD data, creator of the drawing should take responsibility of drawings inspection.

EX series (CoaxPress camera)

DDU series (Dual USB3 camera)

DU series (USB3 camera)

BU series (USB3 camera)

BG series (GigE camera)

3D CAD model List table
Model Type Data (STEP file)
BG505LMG (Serial No. : 1101111~)
BG505LMCG (Serial No. : 1100211~)
BG505LMCF (Serial No. : 1250101~)
BG505LMG (Serial No. : ~1101110)
BG505LMCG (Serial No. : ~1100210)
BG505LMCF (Serial No. : ~1250100)
BG302LMG (Serial No. : 1101011~)
BG302LMCG (Serial No. : 1100171~)
BG302LMCF (Serial No. : 1250541~)
BG302LMG (Serial No. : ~1101010)
BG302LMCG (Serial No. : ~1100170)
BG302LMCF (Serial No. : ~1250540)
BG202 / BG202C / BG202CF CCD
BG160M (Serial No. : 1001081~)
BG160MCG (Serial No. : 1100016~)
BG160MCF (Serial No. : 1250026~)
BG160M (Serial No. : ~1001080)
BG160MCG (Serial No. : ~1100015)
BG160MCF (Serial No. : ~1250025)
BG130 / BG130C / BG130CF CCD
BG040M (Serial No. : 1000871~)
BG040MCG (Serial No. : 1100016~)
BG040MCF (Serial No. : 1250026~)
BG040M (Serial No. : ~1000870)
BG040MCG (Serial No. : ~1100015)
BG040MCF (Serial No. : ~1250025)
BG030 / BG030C / BG030CF / BG031 CCD

BC series (Camera Link camera)