Camera Link (PoCL) Camera CSC series (CMOS)

CSC6M100BMP11 / CSC6M100CMP11

Camera Link (PoCL) Camera CSC6M85BMP11

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  • CL/PoCL
  • 6.5 MP
  • 1.1 type
  • B/W
  • Color
  • 99 fps

Ultra High Resolution Camera installed 6.5 Mega pixels CMOS sensor.

Key Features

  • High speed output at High-resolution pixel
  • Global electronic shutter
  • Random Trigger shutter
  • WOI(Window of interest)
  • Binning
  • PoCL interface


CSC6M100BMP11 / CSC6M100CMP11 Specifications table
Model CSC6M100BMP11 CSC6M100CMP11
Color type B/W Color
Interface Camera Link (PoCL) Base / Medium / Full Configuration
Pixels 6.5M
Imager CMOS image sensor
Imager model TELI Original
Resolution 2,560(H) x 2,560(V)
Frame rate Approx. 99fps
(Mono 8bit, Full Config 8tap, 84MHz)
Approx. 99fps
(Bayer 8bit, Full Config 8tap, 84MHz)
Pixel size 5.0μm×5.0μm
Scanning area 12.8mm(H) x 12.8mm(V)
Image size 1.1 type
Aspect ratio 1:1
Scanning Progressive
Electronic shutter method Global shutter
Random Trigger Shutter Type External Trigger
Random Trigger Shutter Mode Edge / Level
Sequential Shutter -
Exposure Time MANUAL : 10μs to 200ms
Random Trigger Shutter : 10μs to 200ms (Edge or Bulk mode),
10μs to Trigger width (Pulse mode)
Synchronization System Internal
On-chip Color Filter - RGB primary color mosaic-on-tip color filter
Optical glass/filter - -
Sensitivity 900 lx
(F5.6, 1/60s)
2200 lx
(F5.6, 1/60s)
Minimum illuminance 8 lx
(F2.8, Gain: Max, Video level: 50%)
20 lx
(F2.8, Gain: Max, Video level: 50%)
Gain Analog:0 / +3 / +6 / +9dB switching
Digital : 0 to +18dB
Black Level 0 to 528DN
Gamma / LUT γ=OFF, 1 to 16 / In 12bit, Out 10bit
White balance - Manual white-balance / One-push white-balance
Pixel Clock 60MHz / 72MHz / 84MHz
Tap Number 2 / 4 / 8 tap(s)
Image Output Format Mono 8bit / Mono 10bit / Mono 12bit Raw 8bit / Raw 10bit / Raw 12bit
Readout Mode All pixel, WOI, Binning, Mirroring, Flip
External trigger input Camera Link I/F, I/O connector
High active / Low active, Pulse width: 10μs (minimum)
GPIO Input Output Output : 1 channel
Communication Protocol Legacy mode
Baud Rate 9,600bps / 19,200bps / 38,400bps / 57,600bps / 115,200bps
Power supply DC+12V±10%
Power consumption approx. 3.84W
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 40(W) x 40(H) x 35(D) mm (Not including protruding parts)
Mass approx. 100g
Operation temperature -5°C ~ 45°C
Operation humidity 10 to 90% (no condensation)
Conformity CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, Camera Link, PoCL