Precautions on handling products

  • If you wish to purchase and use any of the products and/or technologies shown in this site, please read the applicable individual technical material or delivery specifications and observe the instructions.
    When designing and producing equipment or products using any of the products shownin this site, please pay full attention to safety, based on a thorough understanding of the nature and characteristics of the product.
  • If you intend to use any of the products or technologies shown in this site for any products whose failure or malfunction could directly threaten human life or endanger people, or for any products whose failure could trigger major property damage (such as products in the fields of nuclear power, aerospace, transportation, medicine and safety devices), make sure to consult our customer-relations desk.
    We will not be held responsible for any damage that may arise due to use of such products or technologies of ours without consultation with us.
  • The products and technologies shown in this site include those whose export or provision to outside of Japan is controlled under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law of Japan.
  • The products and technologies shown in this site include those which are controlled under the export control rules of the U.S.A., and require a permit from the US Government, depending on the export destination, if they are to be exported outside of Japan.
  • The technical information shown in this site is only for explaining typical actions and applications of the products. It does not constitute any guarantee or license related to the intellectual property rights of our company and/or third parties for use of the products.
  • The contents of this site are subject to change without notice, in line with technological progress.