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Message From The President

Kazuhisa, Imura President and CEO

Committed to contributing to enhancing value
for customers on Imaging System Solutions

Kazuhisa, Imura President and CEO

Needs of imaging business is increasing more and more in IoT age now a days. Demand for imaging with higher resolution and higher speed is expanding. Application range of imaging is also expanding at the same time. Imaging technology is applicable in various occasions accordingly. In these circumstances, I believe that the first mission of Toshiba Teli Corporation is to contribute the world through promoting customer’s value by achieving “imaging system solution” based on established technology.

Our business philosophy is to satisfy customers by quick response to their demand and request as the first priority, and establishing a new world based on new technology together with customers through whole life cycle of products including support. We continuously proceed development of new products by researching the latest technology, while we reserve know-how gained through long business experience, to provide the most optimum quality to customers.

Furthermore, we firmly protect the earth and respect social responsibility by working on environmental problem and creating eco products.

Toshiba Teli Corporation proceeds development of technology and products based on core technology of image processing, AI, sensing, high frequency. And Toshiba Teli Corporation provide optimum product and service to customers’ request to contribute their value creation in wider field by applying both technology of FA camera and surveillance camera as well as industrial camera, medical camera, surveillance camera and wireless transmitter. Toshiba Teli Corporation also aims global contribution as well. We are expecting your continuous support.

I sincerely hope that our imaging technology and the products we offer will support you in securing long-term growth and prosperity.