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Message From The President

Hirohito, Maeda President and CEO

Grasping the times,
looking ahead to the future, and
venturing into social development

Hirohito, Maeda President and CEO

October 1, 2023 Toshiba Communications Infrastructure Systems and Toshiba Teli have merged and started a new path. Toshiba Communications Infrastructure Systems, mainly engaged in engineering and construction management of telecommunication, broadcasting and disaster prevention systems, and Toshiba Teli, mainly engaged in vending business of industrial and surveillance cameras, merged to develop business in all business processes from product planning, development design, manufacturing, construction to after-sales service. We have been accumulating our business until now. We are a group of engineering professionals who utilize the know-how accumulated in our business to date, inherit proprietary technologies, and incorporate technologies that are advancing day by day.

Digitalization, which began with the spread of ICT, has transformed into the construction of a digital society, and technological innovation through digital transformation is progressing in all social, disaster prevention, and industrial infrastructures. The social role of "digital technology in the field of imaging and communications," in which we work, is evolving and becoming more and more important. By combining knowledge and new technologies, Toshiba Teli is committed to providing highly specialized engineering solutions to solve customers' problems and satisfy their needs for digital transformation. With confidence and pride in our products and technologies, Toshiba Teli will contribute to the enhancement of customer value in a wide range of fields beyond vision and telecommunications, both in Japan and overseas, and pursue customer satisfaction throughout the entire product life cycle, worthy of being called "Toshiba Teli of Technology".

In order to support the growth of our customers' businesses through "vision, communication, broadcasting, and disaster prevention systems," to work diligently to solve environmental problems, and to contribute to an affluent society filled with security and safety, we will always read the trends of the times and strive to create a company that can grow and develop for the future.