USB3 Camera BU series (CCD, Compact)



USB3 Camera BU series (CCD, Compact) BU080

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  • USB3
  • 0.8 MP
  • 1/3 type
  • CCD
  • B/W
  • 40 fps
  • TeliCore
  • Bus synchronization
  • Bulk trigger

This BU series is an integrated-(one-body)-type camera that adopts all pixel data readout inter line CCD.
For video output and camera control, the USB 5Gbps (USB3.1 Gen1) interface standard is adopted for high transfer rate, and it is easy to integrate into industrial equipment.

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Key Features

  • High frame rate
  • USB 5Gbps (USB3.1 Gen1) interface
  • USB3 Vision Ver.1.0 conformity
  • GenICam conformity Ver2.3
  • IIDC2 Digital Camera Control Specification Ver.1.0.0
  • e-CON Connector adoption
  • Scalable
    Frame rate calculation tool
    (BU series CMOS camera)
  • Square grid arrangement
  • Random Trigger Shutter


B/W Cameras

BU080 Specifications table
Model BU080
Interface USB 5Gbps (USB3.1 Gen1) (Only SuperSpeed is supported)
Pixels 0.8M
Imager All-pixel-data-readout interline transfer CCD
Imager model ICX204AL
Resolution 1,024(H) x 768(V)
Frame rate 40fps (Mono 8bit)
Pixel size 4.65μm x 4.65μm
Scanning area 4.76mm(H) x 3.57mm(V)
Image size 1/3 type
Aspect ratio 4:3
Scanning Progressive
Electronic shutter method MANUAL / Random Trigger Shutter
Random Trigger Shutter Type External Trigger / Software Trigger
Random Trigger Shutter Mode Edge / Level / Bulk (255 times)
Sequential Shutter -
Exposure Time MANUAL: 30μs to 16s
Random Trigger Shutter: 30μs to 16s (Edge or Bulk mode), 50μs to Trigger width (Level mode)
Synchronization System Internal / Bus (USB)
Optical glass/filter -
Sensitivity 1,700 lx
(F5.6, 1/40s)
Minimum illuminance 7 lx
(F1.4, Gain: +18dB, Video level: 50%)
Gain MANUAL: 0 to +18dB
Black Level -25% to +25%
Gamma / LUT γ=1.0 to 0.45 / In 10bit, Out 10bit
Image Buffer -
Image Output Format Mono 8bit / Mono 10bit
Readout Mode All pixel, Scalable
External trigger input Low: 0 to 0.5V, High: 2 to 24.0V
High active / Low active, Pulse width: 50μs (minimum)
Power supply DC5V ±5%
Power consumption 2.6W max.
Lens mount C-mount
External dimension 29(W) x 29(H) x 13(D) mm (Not including protruding parts)
Mass approx. 27g
Operation temperature 0°C to 40°C (below 50°C on cabinet surface)
Operation humidity 10% to 90% (no condensation)
Conformity CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, USB3 Vision, GenICam, IIDC2

Other Documents

About the change of GPIO output signal specifications of the BU series

As shown in the following information, GPIO output signal specifications of the BU series will be changed because of improving both noise resistance performance and convenience of use.

Applicable products


Contents of change

Contents of change table
Item Before change After change
Output channel 1 channel 2 channel
Output level LVTTL 5V CMOS
Polarity High active / Low active (factory setting: Low active)

Serial No. of change applied.

Change will be applied after the following manufacturing serial number.

  • BU080 : 0100041 -


If you already used those products, please confirm carefully compatibility with the input circuit of your systems.
There is not a problem in particular in case that you apply TTL buffer of +5V to your system.But if you apply LVTTL buffer to your system, please confirm the permissible voltage range of that.

Specifications/Operation Manual before change

Specifications BU series USB3 Old

Operation Manual BU series USB3 Old

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